‘Twas the Hours Before Sleeping Ruff

We’re soon on our way to the Duke of York Square for our Sleep Out.

Going through our checklist:

  • Sleeping Bag and Bivvy Bag? – tick, tick
  • Cardboard? – tick
  • Picnic blanket? – tick
  • Small pillow? – tick

OK. Let’s stop for a moment.  Can we not say “tick”? Can we say “Yes” instead because “tick” makes me itch! It isn’t a favourable word for us.

The weather – amazing! 

Given this consideration, Mummy’s changing her packing:

  • Thermals? – maybe, will bring along just in case
  • Hooded fleece? – yes
  • Wool socks? – yes
  • Hat? – yes but might not need them
  • Gloves? – yes

For me and George:

  • Leads and collars? – yes
  • Equafleeces? – yes
  • Poo bags? – yes
  • Bedtime snack? – yes

Are we ready? YES, WE ARE!

See you tomorrow!!!

May’s comment: HERE WE GO! Sleeping Ruff tonight! But we’re with friends and we will be fine.

Weather forecast: Very lucky! Not too cold. Cloudy skies means another layer of “covering”.  We will be alright.

Wish us luck! We are Team Sleeping Ruff!

Lisa with Mac and Maisy, Me with Darcy and George, Julie with Barnaby and Belinda with Freddie will also be joined by Charlotte with Uka and Oggy.

The pooches are also giving back something to our canine friends who also sleep out on the streets with their owners. DOTS (Dogs on the Streets) is a charity that we have supported in the past and will again continue to do so.

If you can, please sponsor us to raise funds for the homeless charity Glassdoor London at www.glassdoor.org.uk/fundraisers/sleeping-ruff 🐶





  1. Liz Burman

    I’m sure you will all be fine. Not so sure you’ll get a whole lot of sleep, but you can spend Saturday “cat napping”. sorry “dog napping” have fun💤❤️

  2. Ian Harrison

    Hope it all goes well for tonight and that the weather is kind. I hope all those gorgeous dogs sleep well and you hoomans manage to relax!

  3. Angela Dillon

    All the best. We’re all thinking of you all. I’m sure you’ll be topic of conversation on Sunday at Camber. Well done.

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