Two more sleeps …

We have all the “equipment” for our SleepOut on Friday night.

The most important thing of course is the Sleeping Bag!This Sleeping Bag is almost vintage! The last time it was rolled up and put away was in 1999!!!! Mummy had that sleeping bag with her when she went trekking in Nepal to Annapurna Base Camp. Since she came down from that mountain, she had never used it again … which very well explain the “smell” – Phew-eee!

That’s why we were in a hurry to go to Ortigia to pick up some nice smelling sachets to put inside ether bag while airing it out. It does smell a lot better now. If not, I might have to change camp and sleep with Barnaby or Freddie!

We’ve been learning a few things about sleeping out in the cold. We were told to bring cardboard – paper cuts out the cold. Who knew?  This explains why the homeless sleep on cardboard. Thankfully, our Honey’s food delivery arrived yesterday and we have two cardboard boxes to lay on the pavement.And on top of that, Mummy’s bringing a picnic blanket which has a waterproof backing and a wool tartan.And also some Bivvy Bags to keep the sleeping bags dry in case it rainsA waterproof bag for all the things in case it rains.

A small travel pillow – a little bit of comfort. That or Mummy will be sleeping on me!!!

In all seriousness, along with this motley crew, we will be sleeping out in the Duke of York Square to help raise awareness of the work that Glass House is doing for the homeless.Lisa with Mac and Maisy, Mummy with me and George, Julie with Barnaby and Belinda with Freddie will also be joined by Charlotte with Uka and Oggy.

And we pooches are also giving back something to our canine friends who also sleep out on the streets with their owners. DOTS (Dogs on the Streets) is a charity that we have supported in the past and will again continue to do so.

May’s comment: If you can, please sponsor us to raise funds for the homeless charity Glassdoor London at 🐶


  1. Jill Keiser

    It looks like you are all ready for your night of camping on the streets! Hope you stay warm and cozy with all of your provisions for the stay!

  2. Sam and Lola

    Lola and I love that you guys are doing this – we have donated!! TO EVERYONE WHO READS AND LOVES THIS BLOG…….. if everyone gave just £1 it would make a difference. You can opt to pay any amount in the donate page and it’s easy – please do it – winter is coming and there are hoomans and dogs who really need this help. 🐾💕😘

  3. Ruth Adley

    Amazing, my two children set up Linkey an enterprise for the homeless. They have been on TV and radio.
    Look it up:

    Good luck x

  4. Liz Burman

    Good luck, I hope you exceed your target.

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