It’s Milbemax time! – visit by TierArzten

We had a visit by a Tierartzen, a.k.a. a vet. Andreas Mertel had come to see us both – George and I – to witness our taking of Milbemax and to stamp our passports – so we can make our way home on Tuesday.

Our Milbemax  had to be taken at least 24 hours before our return and not more than five days … and as our Monday was going to be a busy day, Mummy had made an appointment for us on Sunday.  So he came on a house call.

I didn’t know who he was so I barked at him when he first arrived but I guess he has a way with animals and before I knew it, my tail was wagging. And if Mummy had a tail, I think she would be wagging it too. 🙂IMG_6738 So he didn’t just come to give us a pill, he listened to our hearts – wonder what was Mummy’s heart rate.IMG_6739 And George wanted to get in the action.IMG_6740 I had my Milbemax – in fact, we took it with no problems.IMG_6743 Little George getting some attentionIMG_6742 And we had our passport stamped! Now we’re ok to go back home.IMG_6750May’s comment: How amazing was that. The vet made a house call on a Sunday morning – just to give the Milbemax and stamp our passport.  All that for a lot less than back in London.


  1. Judith Vogel

    Wow! That is amazing….
    May, you have the Magic!

  2. Jocelyn

    Not bad looking either!!!!

  3. Maggie Danks

    i say MissDarcy,, he’s a bit of all right! No wonder your tail was wagging.

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