Washing-n-Fluffing before Christmas Eve

Well, it had to be done.

We had our Christmas “wash-n-fluff” yesterday at The Pet Spa.IMG_8774 We always get treats after we’re done so I thought I would tell them what I would like to haveIMG_8781At the cake counter.IMG_8790To make it even more special, Stephanie, the owner of The Pet Spa was there to wish us all a Merry ChristmasIMG_8778After we were done, it was Mummy’s turn for her own “wash-n-fluff” – LOL!  She found “Duck & Dry” a hair salon just down the road from us for a last minute appointment! Since we had our groom, she had us put on our Christmas jumper so we can at least stay a little cleaner.IMG_8835They brought us water while Mummy took her time.IMG_8843And many of their clients stopped by to say hello and to have their photos taken with us. IMG_8840

May’s comment: There’s always a last minute present to wrap, and one more thing to do – so as we countdown to Christmas, it was just one of those things that you never really think about and then suddenly look in the mirror and go – oh no! The hair needs a little help – for doggies and myself.

Duck and Dry read our blogs and invited us to give them a try. So we did! They are very dog-friendly – so no need to leave your doggies outside!!!

Duck & Dry – 335-337 King’s Rd, London SW3 5ES

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