We are four paws and four ears today – for Pudsey!

Well, if not for anything, the happy yellow ears definitely brightened up the day.

The BBC charity – Children in Need is on tonight and wearing those ears is our little way of giving to those in need.We like our little hoomans and sometimes they need a little help from us.

Mummy, do we really need to walk to the park with these?But when we got there, we made all our friends wear them too!  Dylan, you look good in yellow!Habiti! Those Pudsey ears fitted yours perfectly!Crumpet, was your head too large for the ears?

And at day’s end on the 17th Nov 2017, everybody, a record £50,168,562 was raised for the Children in Need!!!

May’s comment: Pudsey Bear is the mascot for BBC’s charity Children in Need. And Darcy, George, Jaffa and all doggies were wearing Pudsey Bear ears to give back a little to our two-legged friends.

BBC’s amazing charity Children in Need had been going since 1980 and has raised money every year through a week-long effort culminating in a live broadcast telethon on a Friday evening every November. Tonight is the Children in Need telethon night.

Heartbreaking stories of little ones who are disabled or who have lived through tragedies because of their parent’s illnesses or death always sends me into a weepy evening. Will have my little doggies to keep me company and to remind ourselves to be grateful for our health and all that we have.


  1. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Aww thank you Darcy and George for wearing your pudsy ears so proudly enjoy the evening’s entertainment too and cuddles with mummy. 🤗 xx

  2. Cheryl and Susie

    You all look gorgeous in your pudsey ears x

  3. Kathy Shoulders

    May you have such a good heart.
    The fur babies all look so cute in the ears!

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