We get the message

There are messages everywhere telling hoomans to pick up after us. And they really should.

I don’t think its very nice for anyone to step on our poo.

But some hoomans really go the extra mile to tell us what to do.This is not a dog loo” – it said.

There’s a grumpy old man who lives down the road. His hedge extends so far out onto the pavement and anyone passing by has to duck or walk around the lamp post in front of the hedge to get by. It makes it all very inviting for us pooches to go under the hedge to tell him what we think of that.

In return, he writes messages for us – on the pavement outside his home. This one reads – “Please ask your dog to piss elsewhere.”

If you ask me, that’s graffiti! And George, well, he still doesn’t read English! LOL!

May’s comment: Sometimes humans befuddle me. Writing on the pavement – public space is graffiti. That is a crime.



  1. Elizabeth Burman

    There always seems to be one in every street!😟 Not only is the graffiti illegal, but surely his hedge is causing an obstruction and therefore he should be made to cut it back!!

  2. Alison Mullett

    What a sad man.

  3. Ian Harrison

    Rather dog pee than graffiti, silly old man!

  4. Paul Haselden

    I’ve a wall on my boundary line, my neighbours dog cocks it’s leg everyday with me present, owner apologises and like I say “it’s just a wall, goes with the teratory”…..I’ve a bitch and always pick up as do all my neighbours, if u don’t want it to happen plant inside your boundaries and don’t enclose it with a wall. Some people are so thick it amazes me

  5. Anya

    We had a notice that said please clean up your dogs pee off my walls. Its a public footpath and many dogs go past to get to the playing fields. Some people really do take the biscuit. Don’t worry George and Darcy. After all he has graffitied on the floor which is naughty

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