Mission Impostor

Because of many reasons, as in long distances and very hot climate, we didn’t get to go on this trip with Mummy, but Impostor did!  That’s because she is 2D and hairless.

Whilst in Thailand, she and Mummy went on a special mission …

One morning, they woke up early and went to the Samui airport. They were catching a plane to another island – a bit of island hopping.IMG_4604She “smuggled” Impostor onto the plane – not that she needed to but she’s so used to me being a problem every time we get on a plane that she was naturally on edge.IMG_4606So off they went – flying over the waters to get to another island called Phuket.IMG_4611 When they arrived, they met up with Bubbles,IMG_4739 Praewa and Praewa’s mummy.IMG_4612 They took us to lunch at a restaurant by Nai Yang beach – we sat outside and it was dog friendly.IMG_4749 Bubbles having a little dance with Praewa …

And along came another pooch!!! Chloe is a Havanese Terrier from Alaska!IMG_4751Can you imagine the extreme difference in weather and environment?!?!?!   But her family had been on the island for a month and that of course piqued Mummy’s interest. Chloe’s owners flew Eva Air – which was music to Mummy’s ears. Dogs under 10kg are allowed in cabin and as Chloe is an emotional therapy dog, she was allowed to not be in a bag during the flight from Alaska to Taipei, and then from Taipei to Bangkok. But on the short flight from Bangkok to Phuket, she had to fly in cargo – not so much the plane, but more the time they are in the flight but it’s the time they are waiting to get on and off the plane.

Well, that’s food for thought …

After lunch, Praewa’s mother drove them all to their place of special mission – they went to visit Soi Dogs!IMG_4732More later … as we need to hear back from Impostor what she saw.

May’s comment: Decided that whilst I was in Thailand that I really wanted to see Soi Dogs in action. More on that later …



  1. Neyra

    Safe travels!

  2. Laura Cordovano

    Wow. Soi dogs. Be careful or you might be coming home with another! Can’t wait to hear about your experience. I want to help.

  3. carol

    Enjoy beautiful Thailand

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