We (heart) London Black cab drivers

We go around London pretty much carefree on public transport – the tube, but a little difficult when there are two of us to carry Easier with oneThat’s why we usually take the buses (we like) Also the fact that we can just hop on them from the roadside – no stairs to climb.

But the easiest of course are taxis – and the London Black Cabs are the best in the whole wide world! Whenever Mummy uses Gett or My Taxi Apps, she always puts in a note whenever she orders one – “Two very clean dogs – medium small and small, do not moult, take cabs frequently and world travellers.

She always gets a mention or a chuckle from the drivers.  Some of them come charging to pick us up because of what she had written! LOL!

May’s comment:  In all the years I’ve had Darcy, I can maybe count five times when I have been refused by a London Black Cab and we take a lot of them.  They are not allowed to refuse, unlike some car services – their drivers freak out and look at my dogs like they are filth! 🙁  And very few of them would ask that they sit on the floor – and when I tell them they sit on my lap, they’re ok.

With Black Cab drivers, I’ve had the best conversations and feel like we’ve been friends forever by the time I’ve reached my destination. I’ve heard their stories and have heard their voices break when they talked about their dogs that have passed on, or such joy in their telling me how their dogs are so smart, so gorgeous, so everything.

One driver told me how he had wept like no other, not even when his mother died (of old age).

Just two nights ago, our driver told us how he found a dog on the streets in Kentish Town, a German Shepherd – in the middle of the night. He stopped his car and put the dog in his cab, drove it to the Police Station who told him they don’t accept dogs. He had to take the dog to a Dog Warden. The dog was eventually returned to the owner who claimed the dog escaped from their house, but not a word of thanks.  He wished he had listened to his wife and taken the dog home. (P.s. his wife is considering a cockapoo or a cavapoo next. 🙂  They already have two dogs and she’s always hoping to rescue another.

So it seems these cabbies driving around London have another job besides carrying human passengers.  The good hearted ones pick up lost/stray dogs! How amazing!

Why do I love the London Black Cabs – besides the obvious reasons that they know their way around the city and usually jovial – most of them love my dogs and I like everyone who love my pooches!!!!

Tonight, I was off to dinner without my pooches but because my profile suggest there are dogs, the cab driver was so disappointed that I didn’t have my two with me. 🙂

This was a photo taken by a Black Cab driver.They maybe more expensive than other car services but they’re worth it – for my blood pressure, ensuring a good journey – and safe.

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  1. Frank Gee

    Wonderful. X

  2. Cheryl and Susie

    What a wonderful endorsement for our dog friendly black cab drivers. x

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