The best hooman ever!

We always know when Camilla is coming to get us.  Jaffa and I would jump on Mummy’s bed and sit with our ears pricked.

IMG_5047And when she finally makes it up the stairs – we, go into an uncontrollable frenzy of excitement.

Jaffa would start crying and I just go round and round in circles!  We’re crazy for Camilla!  Because she is the best HOOMAN ever!!!IMG_4036

May’s comment:  George has become so at home at Jaffa’s – he has Jaffa to play with, he has three kids who gives him lots of hugs and Camilla has to be the best hooman of all – she takes them on big walks!!! George even goes to the country with them on weekends and has a choice as to who he sleeps with each night. He would happily just continue being at Jaffa’s and he wouldn’t miss one beat of life.IMG_5020But it’s time for us to resume our little trio soon – when Darcy comes home on Friday.

George will miss having Jaffa as company all day and all night even more when he has to deal with grumpy old pot a.k.a. Miss Darcy. LOL! Wonder if Jaffa will miss George or will she be so relieved to have her “hoomans” all to herself again.

Darcy will be sulking and she will moping – for a little while. She had an amazing time with Mairi who had spoiled her – she and her housemates have just given her so much attention and she loves the country side.

So I think there will be a little adjustment for ALL of us over the next week!  Sigh!

I am sure feeding them and giving treats will help win remind them of the days when it was just us three. Watch this space. Maybe they will both plot to run away from home in search of better pastures.


  1. Marzi

    Home is where the heart is and really Miss Darcy and George know you are their heart… Try not to worry – however much fun they have had there is nothing quite like being home with the one who loves you most.

  2. margaret danks

    They might mope for a few days, but they love you.

  3. Julia

    George is so cute going in circles. Glad you’re feeling better.

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