Good night, good morning, goodbye, good flight – all’s good!

Good night – time to go to bed in our very white room. img_7339Our last night in Austria.

Good morning – another very early breakfast on the 18th floor of the Hotel Sofitel Stephansdomimg_7477 Good breakfast – Mummy got me some ham and bananas this morningimg_7476(and Mummy said – good girl for trusting her to come back)

And I think this is good art! LOL!img_7478I pee’d on one side of a small street and it went right across it.

Then it’s goodbye Vienna – we’ve enjoyed staying at the Sofitel – very, very dog friendly!  Five stars just for being that.img_7480 And a good flight

No problems checking in.  But this is a new procedure for me. The first time we have ever encountered this. After Mummy had been through the security check (her hip beeped again!) – and I walked through with her without a leash!img_7484 I had to go to a special scanner just for pets.img_7485 So, what’s this all about?  Walk through it?img_7481OK – here we go!img_7482All ok?  Now let’s go to the next step – to the Loungeimg_7486Once again, no questions asked about me. We walked right in.img_7488 And then the last test.  Time to board the plane – and this time, unlike our flight from Zürich to Vienna, no one even said anything to us. We walked right past, no instructions about what to do and not to do.

But I know what I had to do. I sat down and curled up in my bag.
img_7490 For take off and landing, I like to put my head on Mummy’s feet to feel reassured she’s there.img_7491 We arrived in Zürich in no time. We took the train from the airport to the main station – tie for another pee and again I left my “artwork” there.img_7492 We had a good while to wait for our train to Lugano. Inside the train station was this very LARGE angel!img_7493Mummy do you think her wings can hold her up there that long?  A bit precarious to be sitting underneath her. We went for a bite to eat while waiting for our next train – a three-hour train ride.img_7496May’s comment: This was by far the smoothest flight experience. I am a Swiss Air convert.


  1. Martine davis

    Rusty enjoyed tonight’s story especially the bit about the pee!

  2. Samantha R

    Lola loved this one too and says that you are extremely artistic Miss D – and can see another talent has been discovered! LOL!

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