Souvenirs from Thailand

Mummy brought home lots of pressies for us! 

There is this amazing place near ChawengIt’s a sea of crockery – leftovers, flawed pieces – all going very cheap.amidst the thousands of crockery,Mummy brought these plates for us – as approved by ITso that it can go into our drawer in our new kitchen (more on this later)

And as she was leaving at Suvarnabhumi Airport, she always likes to stop by at Jim Thompson – she normally bought t-shirts for the kiddies but this time, she found these “handkerchiefs” – but they’re actually very fancy napkins! But she thought – they make good bandanas for us!

Mine is a pink cotton napkin with little elephants – can you see the print?Well, Mummy has always thought that bandanas look like bibs anyway, so the napkin suited her fine.

But George’s is actually a silk kerchiefHis is blue also with little elephants. Mummy also bought a black one which she thought might also look good on George.But that is going to another pooch.

She also got one for Jaffa! Hers is pretty in pink with flowers.
So just so you know, we’re wearing napkins around our necks – maybe we should be wearing this when we have our meals?(That’s raw minced Turkey from Honey’s Real Dog Food, pumpkin puree, sprinkled with Natures Bounty and a Verm-X to top it off.)And then, to “top it” all off, you wouldn’t believe what else Mummy bought pour moiTo go  with the pearls! Oooh-la-la! LOL! But not so good with my fringe!

George wanted to try it too.Suits him!

So that was what Mummy bought us from Thailand. No treats, just lots of accessories.

May’s comment:  Once upon a time, I used to buy pressies for my godchildren. These days I buy pressies for my dogs! LOL!

Jim Thompson was an American businessman who helped revitalise the Thai silk industry in the 1950s and 1960s.  Thompson famously disappeared from Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands while going for a walk on Sunday, 26 March 1967. He has never been found.


  1. Daniel Hall

    That sea of crockery looks like a fantastic place for buying eating and serving stuff. Never seen anything like it anywhere.

    Cute attire for your dogs.


  2. Cheryl

    The napkins/scarves for the pups are adorable. I’d have such a hard time in the crockery market, I’d want it all but have no room in the suitcase! I admire your restraint in only buying 2 plates!

  3. Ginny

    I just love how beautifully Darcy and George pose for the camera with their gifts. Gorgeous!

  4. Julie Entwistle

    You do very well dressing your dogs up

  5. Christine Ellis

    Lucky pups! Love Jim Thompson’s.
    And as for the hat, what can I say?!! x

  6. Elizabeth Burman

    Love the pearls Miss D, and George looks so handsome in his new bandana.😍

  7. Laura Cordovano

    George’s coat looks sensational. So shiny! Love your kids. I bet they are exhausted from all the outdoor activities while you were away and also the emotional exhaustion from you being gone. Good snuggles tonight!

  8. Sara Cormack

    Miss Darcy you are so channelling Chanel in your fabulous hat and pearls – 💖

  9. Sian

    They look gorgeous and stylish!!!

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