A Valentine Date?

We asked our local restaurant – The Henry Root, if they would let us pooches and our humans enjoy part of Valentine’s Day together.  And they have said – they would be delighted for all of us to turn up!!!

Hooray! So we hope you will come and join us for a cockapoo and all doodles Valentine Lunch Party on the 14th February!

Henry_Root_2010_-_IMG_65441So before our mummies and daddies get all romantic for the evening – we can have a loved up lunch altogether – with our friends.

We told The Pet Spa where we go for our grooming about our Valentine’s Day lunch. And they thought that if you want to look all spruced up for lunch, they’re offering first-timers a half price full body groom.  All you have to do is call them at 0845-838-2330 and tell them you’ve heard about their offer for first-timers. IMG_3767

May’s comment:  Before your romantic evening with your two-legged “love of your life”, we thought it would be a nice thing to share (part of) the day with our four-legged “love of our lives”!

All cockapoos and doodles are welcome. Lunch is from 12-3pm.

L1211421_1875491cThe Henry Root at 9 Park Walk, London SW10 0AJ is a classically British bistro with an informal vibe and compact menu.  It is a la carte but a two-course meal is approx. £20-25 per human.

It is an intimate venue, so please call and make a reservation to secure your table – 020-7352-7040.

Let them know you are part of the Valentine’s Day Cockapoo Lunch.

And if you’re interested in any of these hand-knitted hearts for your pooches, they will be on sale at the lunch.IMG_3935



  1. Samantha

    How cool …I started following your blog and FB because we really want to get a dog – a cockerpoo but as a single mum working full time at the moment this is a dream for now. In hopefully not too long I won’t have too work full time and we will be able to join in your group fun. For the moment we are looking forward to it!!! To the future!

  2. Evelyn Briffa

    Hello from Malta,

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday in Malta and had a nice flight back.
    I am the lady you have met at the Duty Free and we talked about my dog Fritz

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