We’ve been good, really good!

We visited Santa’s Grotto to tell him how good we’ve been.

Santa’s elf greeted us as we entered the grotto. Jaffa was with us.IMG_5852George and I sat on his lap for our photo …

IMG_5825I used to be afraid of Santa. The first time I saw him three years ago, I growled and barked at him. Last year, I was a little nervous. This year, I didn’t exactly wag my tail with joy – I just know him as the man with the white beard.  So he thinks I’ve definitely improved.

When he turned to George and asked if he had been good …IMG_5828 George was only too curious about his beard! And Santa had to tell him to not eat it!IMG_5853Tsk! Tsk! George – that is no way to behave.

Then Jaffa, who came with us had her turn to sit on Santa’s lap. IMG_5848 While Santa was busy with Jaffa, I snooped and tried to see what’s in Santa’s sack! Nothing for us – unfortunately.IMG_5846Well, I hope we’ve convinced him we’ve been really good!!!

May’s comments: No, you haven’t, you two little rascals!!! Especially Georgie and his squirrelling this year! And you too, Miss D!

But otherwise, I think you’ve been pretty good.  Actually come to think of it, looking back at this past year, much has changed.

Especially you Georgie. You’ve managed to be rid of your resource guarding and no longer aggressive towards poor Darcy when there was food or affection involved.  You still have a bit of temper in you but that’s infrequent and comes out when you’re annoyed. You are also learning to pose really well!!!! Well done!

As for you, Miss D, you have taken in George and though I know you look on often – wondering why Georgie gets all the hugs and cuddles, you have been so tolerant. I love you to bits for doing that.  But you still need to work on getting annoyed with big dogs, especially black ones! Seriously, you could get into trouble and it’s embarrassing!!!

We all have a lot to work on – our weaknesses, myself included. But I think we may make Santa’s good list.


  1. Cecilia

    I wonder what would Molly’s reaction be if she sees Santa – Haha got to try that!

  2. Vicky Doran

    Love it perfct so sweet I love to take my dogs to see santa

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