Strutting my stuff

So yesterday was STRUTZ – the much awaited for Charity Canine Fashion Show in Chelsea.

About 30 dogs or so were on hand to strut down the green carpet. It was very busy backstage while we waited –
Lots of waiting around
And the very popular Furry Chef who made sure we got treats for being so patientArgo wanted some too.We were all suited and ready to roll.

Lots of hoomans taking photos of usI had a special visitor, my human BFF, Victoria came all the way from Milano to watch me!She wouldn’t have missed it for anything.At 2pm, the show began. We all got in line
and off we went – one by one.Well, in this case it was two of them.
Yay! Argo!
Some stopped to say along the way …And then it was my turn!
Off I went, strutted along the catwalk wearing my bright yellow Yakshi Malhotra jumper – so no one can miss me!Really it should be changed to a dog walk – without any incident.  I did not bark at anyone, just a little curious about some of the spectators –

Video by @LeCorgi

Phew! I made it! And so that was my green carpet debut. We were not the last ones to go.

Marcel wearing his Maman’s favourite colour raincoatA very stylish pug!And Barnaby wore a Korean walking suit that covered his belly.And some others …When the show was over, we went into the crowd and saw some friends. I was grateful that Yuuna came to support my effort.She’s my latest gal pal. So did Stanley and Maisie and Mac.

And we met at this incredible little guy – Toffy!

P.S. I had jumper envy. That’s because Mum told me that if I wore Tom’s Max Bone jumper I could look like one of the cockapoos pals I hang out with all the time.

After the event, the participants went to Timothy Oulton for an after show drinks. Look at all those glasses of champers we were served!!!

May’s comment: Fabulous turnout.  All these dog events are just good fun.Most photos are not mine. Hard to take them when you’re on the “green carpet” – so credits due to Lisa, @goji_vonb, @amberthecav_repawter, @bybenjitreats, @thedogvine

Can I just say how proud I am of George – from street dog to catwalk. He did really well.

After the show, all the clothing and accessories worn by the dogs were up for a Silent Auction.

Loving these beds! Of course I had to bid for George’s yellow jumper. How can I not?!?!

All items were donated by the various brands and proceeds will go to the three charities chosen by Love My Human: Soi Dogs, Dogs Trust, Pets as Therapy

Love My Human – Congratulations! We loved it!  This is the team that made it all happen!When is the next one? 🙂



  1. Linda Strallen

    What a blast! Well done to all models. I especially like Barnaby’s walking suit. Do you know if it is available somewhere?

  2. Julie James

    I think Love my Human have stock now of Barnaby’s walking suit. It’s from Howlpot. Very practical and easy to get on and off!

  3. Anne McCormack

    I knitted a very similar jumper for Ben but in red! Free knitting pattern off the internet.

    Didn’t know he would be an haute couture pooch. I will make him wear it now. Lol

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