What’s going on in your head, Miss D?

“Is Darcy coming home with us?” asked Barnaby
The answer is yes, Barnaby … and she’s going to be a little confused for a little while,” his mummy replied, as I was led away after the Hyde Park Meet …To keep me preoccupied, Julie took us for another walk

In the leafy suburbs of Wimbledon …And to a pub lunch  – where I assumed my usual position and gave Julie the look …Not missing a beat, even when I was not with Mummy.

After we went home to Barnaby’s house, I found the spot that was reserved for me. Yup! I can read, and fell asleep after all that running around.You see, Mummy had left to go on a trip and I went to stay with my mate, Barnaby.  We have gone out on a few dates but I’ve never had a sleep over.  I was a little unsure, but I did make myself at home and found my spot to rest my weary body and troubled mind.

But as soon as I was awake, I had to make sure I was close to a hooman, any hooman.  First it was Julie. I wouldn’t let her our of my sight.  And when she went for a shower, I went to sit by Anthony’s feet.I wasn’t sure if I would lose another hooman.  I like hoomans.  I feel secure with them especially when I am not with Mummy.

But Julie kept my mind off missing Mummy. We went for a lot of walks.I even met Barnaby’s bestie, FreddieWe’re cockapoos that pose and we did a lot of posing!

Not sure what’s with these concrete balls?  Well, you know why I don’t have a ball to balance on? Take a guess! 🙂

While all this was going, and living in the moment, I keep wondering – Will things get back to normal soon?

May’s comment:  I know she’s well looked after and even have more walks than she’s with me. She has company and I know Julie loved having her. But that little head was worrying and felt insecure. She needed to know there’s a human she can attach herself to. She had always been like that – even when she’s at the House of Mutt – she loves it there but on the first night, she would only sit by Sarah and not the other dogs.

But she had Barnaby and yet her worrying little head was keeping her close to Julie and Anthony.

As for George, he has no worries. He has been playing with Jaffa all day – all 45 minutes of this

and even went Trick or Treating – in his “scary” outfit! LOL!  No worrying about him, that’s for sure!

Looking forward to seeing them again – very soon!.


  1. Julie James

    She’s been an absolute pleasure May! By day two she was a bit more comfortable with our routine but still stuck to me like glue! I’ve loved her cuddles and her enthusiasm for walks and squirrelling! 😘

  2. Sam Rowntree and Lola x

    They are so incredibly loyal and loving Lola had a day stay in the vets and they said when I got back for her she had been stressed all day despite all the nurses falling in love with her and giving her a million cuddles! And whilst I’ve been in hospital, she hasn’t let my daughter out of her sight and since getting home last night, is stuck to me like glue!! It’s very humbling to see what unconditional love really is. Xxx

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