Where will Hamish Mutley spend Christmas?

We wanted to share Hamish Mutley’s story as told by our friend, Mairi who is fostering him.

Only a month ago H-M was that bedraggled broken sad dog in a hideous cage.
For two years he was trapped in there and never got out, till Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue found him.He’s not one of the cuties and overlooked for long time and I just had to help him.

He arrived last Thursday in the U.K. and since then, I’ve had him groomed (he was as good as gold), vet checked (after two years trapped in a cage with crap food means he’s not got muscle tone and a barrel fat belly), been to various pet shops, walked him several places, socialised him and stayed with pals who have a golden lab bitch, called Bella. He loves it. He’s soooooo gentle and affectionate and a total softie.  A gentle sweetheart.

From the first 24hrs when he snapped if trying to put a collar on lead on , he’s now trusting enough to let me do it.  He was probably caught and caged in one of those awful wire hoops on a pole so he was terrified at first. However, a few days in and he’s already risking believing he’s going to be loved and safe.  Beautiful nature and no issues whatsoever with other dogs. He’s just grateful to be part of a pack and having kindness. 

He’s at my feet as I type. I named him Hamish but he’s starting to feel more like a ‘Mutley’. He’s a mutt and possibly a mixture of a few breeds.  Weighs 20.9KGS!  More than I realised from initial photo. Body a bit like a staffy but the sweetest non-aggressive dog I’ve known for a long time. He is just so loveable and trusting.  His ears are great. Like a reindeers antlers. He doesn’t moult, and coat dries very quickly. Must be water-resistant in some way, like a sheep!  Looks like he might be a mixture of the Hungarian breeds, Muli and Puli.  Anyway, that’s a snapshot of the boy. Hope you like him too. Love Mairi xx

May’s comment:  Our friend, Mairi has been looking to adopt a dog or help foster one. Many cuties came and went so quickly when she was in touch with Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue, but her heart went out to Hamish Mutley. She’s helping to foster him and gain his trust so he can go onto his forever home.  Whenever and wherever he goes, we know at least he will be “home for Christmas” with Mairi.

Thank you Mairi, for sharing Hamish Mutley’s story and for taking him in.

Thank you Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue for bringing another dog in from the cold.

If you’re interested in Hamish Mutley, get in touch with Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue or via us to Mairi.

Merry Christmas Hamish Mutley – there are wonderful humans out there who would never ever let you be out in the cold again except to play in the snow.  May you experience the magic of Christmas with the love of Mairi and all the other loving humans you will meet from now on. And we love your antler ears – they’re special. Tell Mairi to put on some bells!  He reminds me of another rescue called Radar – who has ears like Hamish Mutley! 🙂 A special breed.


  1. Rusty and Martine

    Lovely storey xx happy ever after

  2. Jill Keiser

    What a good looking dog! Wish I wasn’t so far away.

  3. Vanessa

    such a lovely story, hopefully someone will fall in love with him .

  4. Vanessa Hemstock

    such a lovely story, hopefully someone will fall in love with him .

  5. Cheryl

    Prayers he finds his loving, forever home ASAP!!
    Thank you Mairi for caring so much to help Hamish!

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