So whodunnit?

We had a Bodyguard Finale party …

Getting comfy in our bathrobesOMG!!!! It’s so nail-bitingly tensed!!!So whodunnit, David Budd? Was it you after all?No spoiler alert here …

But this is how we felt at the end of the show –We were so tensed – we threw off our bathrobes and laid bare!

May’s comment: What better way to watch Bodyguard finale than with my pooches and Barnaby! (and Julie, of course!)Now that we know whodunnit – what do we do next Sunday evening?

For our foreign readers, this is currently the biggest TV series in the UK. 🙂


  1. Alex

    Finale was such a letdown! Gorgeous dogs though

  2. Kathy

    They all looked so cute in their robes!

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