Why, George? Why?!?!?!

George ate hooman poo at the park yesterday!

Yup, you read correctly.

Just the day before, Joanna was saying George has been a real star. He had behaved impeccably with fab recall.

It is so George to completely change with a flip of a switch!

We were having a good chase during our afternoon walk.

See how everyone is on the paved walk and George is on the muddy parts.

Mum told Joanna – he isn’t coming home!

As Joanna was laughing at Mum’s comment, she looked up from the phone and saw that George was helping himself to something quite “delicious.”

She ran towards him and found he was feasting on hooman poo! Yup! Why is there hooman poo in a park in London? Go figure! It’s near a playground so some kid must have had to go!!!!! Disgusting!

George licking his lips!!!!!!!!!
The moment he faced Mum – a very guilty face!

May’s comment: George, I work hard to put food in your bowl – premium organic minced raw meat of all varieties – whatever flavour of game, poultry, the best of meats from Honey’s Real Dog Food. I trek all the way to Whole Foods to buy you the best brand of pumpkin puree. You have milk and biscuits before bedtime. What else must I give you, George so you don’t have to behave like a street dog ever again? That was absolutely the most disgusting thing!!!

I scrubbed and scrubbed his beard with Fox Poo Shampoo and I washed his mouth. Thankfully my lingering cold prevented me from getting the full impact of the foul smell. That dog! AAAAAUGH!!!!

Dogs eating dog poo is one thing – because we’re used to picking up dog poo but human poo – that is disgusting! And disgusting humans for pooing in a park!


  1. Liz Burman

    Oh George, that’s absolutely gross!! You naughty boy!😫😫 Poor you May! Sometimes we do have to wonder why we spend so much money to make sure our dogs only have the best.

  2. Sam and Lola

    Oh Georgie – the girls wont kiss you if you do that 😷 your poor Mum. And I agree – shocking and unacceptable it was just left there; I bet there was a dog walker nearby with a poi bag……..

    • Miss Darcy

      The sad thing is the bitches will probably kiss him because they think he smells interesting. πŸ™

  3. Natalie Jones

    Oh George …. you little monkey. We still love you though ❀️
    Ps yuck to hooman poops in a park πŸ˜’

  4. David

    So how long before you get to give your hooman kissy licks again 😁😁😁😁

    • Miss Darcy

      He got banished to the groomers for a thorough clean-up! Now we’re back to old times.

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