Yin and Yang

This is the story of when Georgie (Yin) met Marley (Yang) … and it was not just a scene, it was bordering on obscene!IMG_2167They looked like two long-lost brothers reunited!  So happy to see each other!IMG_2139 There were hugs all around.IMG_2178 And more hugsIMG_2173 And even more hugs.IMG_2172 OK guys! Give it up! We must do some talking – not just hugging!IMG_2171 Anyone listening?IMG_2170 OK, this is much better. Marley is infatuated with George.IMG_2159 Even George the attention seeker thinks that was a bit overwhelming 🙂IMG_2158And the Fonzie thought it was fun IMG_2137and joined in the charade!IMG_2145Me, I walked away from it all. Georgie’s running to hide while Fonzie had distracted Marley.IMG_2143May’s comment: The meeting of Marley and Georgie went well albeit over excitement. There was no aggression from any of the dogs. But immediately Marley went to George. Only a little curious about Fonzie but Darcy ignored them all – the usual then.

Marley loves the company of other dogs.  And he gets super excited.  Another time Darcy went with me to visit Marley and he didn’t stop following her around as she was sniffing around the place.  He needs a quiet home and time to chill out.

Like Yin and Yang – totally opposite in colouring but complementary in size and nature.  George likes the company of other dogs but all all. He didn’t seem to mind an over excited Marley.  Marley just got spayed – so that might help calm things down a little the next time around.

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Fonzie is a bit free with the favours lol.

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