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Loving Elizabeth Street

Elizabeth Street in Belgravia is not just a lovely street with pretty shops but there are many places I am allowed in. We can spend a whole lot of time there just in all the pretty shops.

We start off at Baker & Spice – have a coffee and some pastry in the morning, sitting on the benches outside. They have blankets for humans should they feel the cold.


Cappucino, croissant at Baker & Spice

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Looking like Drowned Rats

It was a particularly wet March.  Often Zavia and I would still go our walks. There was one day when it rained a lot heavier than expected – so here we are – looking like drowned rats. Read more…

How Cockapoos Make Out

Making out with my best friend, Zavia. We can do this all day long!

My best friend Zavia

Zavia looks like a mini-me!  She’s going to be a year old on 4th July.  Lucas and Stacy are her parents.


Miss Zavia in pearls

We met one Sunday when we were both walking in Hyde Park. Out of nowhere there was this mini-me! Read more…

Hyde Park Cockapoo Club

Today is our 6th Hyde Park Cockapoo Club walk. We meet every three weeks in front of the Kensington Palace gates.  When we first meet up, there’s lots of excitement – to see each other again.  We run, we chase, we tumble, we have tug-o-wars over branches and sometimes we hump each other, much to the dismay of our owners.


Cockapoos wrestling

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Spotted dogs

We were walking along King’s Road and spotted these Dalmatians in the Hobb’s shop window. We must be trendy these days to make shop windows. And then there were blue spotted ones too!!!


Saturday Market at Duke of York Square

We saw Princess Beatrice yesterday and today we continued the trend and went to the Saturday market at the Duke of York Square. Read more…

“Hello Doggy” said Princess B.

We went to Colbert on Sloane Square for a drink and Princess Beatrice was sitting in the next booth. When she got up to leave, she saw me and said “hello doggy!”  Doggy!?!?!? Don’t I have a name? Read more…

New kid on the block

There is a new “cockapoo” at home, albeit stuffed up so she doesn’t bark and does not beg for food like me.


This is Lottie, formerly Nayla

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Agility Lesson 3

Today we learnt to walk on a low see-saw. We were rewarded when we had our front feet on the ground and our back feet on the see-saw. What was that all about?

We also did 3-2-1 wait before we were rewarded with treats – think Sue said something like learning to wait, respect and do when told.   Read more…

Thirsty anyone?

Pub crawl.  At Sporting Page on Camera Place.

May’s comment: Pubs are almost always dog-friendly.  My quest is to find restaurants that welcome dogs.  I have a list of the ones around South Kensington and Chelsea.  Will list them soon. If you know of any, please let me know

Raw Food Diet

Yum! Yum! Today we have another delivery of my raw food from Honey’s Real Dog Food (was I eating fake food before?) This time we have beef, pork, duck, lamb and some cheesy biscuits and venison liver treats! We also sometimes have chicken and rabbit as well. But no horse meat! 🙂

IMG_7110 IMG_7112

May’s comment: Darcy had a sensitive stomach, apparently quite typical of cockapoos especially in their first year – that’s what I’ve heard when walking in the parks. They pick up bugs, viruses during their walks. Read more…


It was a sunny day at the park.

The Pet Spa at Harrods

Today is a special day.  As part of Mummy’s birthday treat for herself, I go to The Pet Spa at Harrods.  That way when she picks me up, I am all fluffy and fragrant – so we can have cuddles tonight! Read more…

Nr. 49 Bus

This is the bus we take to go to Hyde Park for our walks. I love taking buses.

We wait for the bus on King’s Road near Beaufort Street. Read more…

Breakfast at Gail’s

Sarah from upstairs came to take me out this morning. After my morning business, we stopped for coffee and croissant at Gail’s on Fulham Road. Read more…

An aspiring P.A.T.

Someday I’d like to be a Pet As Therapy (P.A.T.) dog.

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Birthday Weekend celebration begins

Today is Friday and we had lunch at Ricardo’s – the start of a weekend long celebration for Mummy’s birthday – which is on Sunday.  I was passed the chicken bone – yum!  Prosecco – don’t think so. I’ll stick to my tap water please. Read more…

At the hairdresser

No, it’s not me getting my hair done. We’re at Richard Ward – that’s where we go for Mummy’s hair appointments.

At the beginning I didn’t know what the place was about.  I used to chew on the rubber lever at the bottom of the chair – making a mess. And sniff at those funny things on the floor.I was also afraid of all those loud noises.  They remind me of the dust buster at home. Read more…

The British Animal Honours 2013

We’re watching the broadcast of this first British Animal Honours –  Read more…

Doggy Bag (R)

After my bath, I jump down from the bathtub, straight into the Doggy Bag. I get zipped inside of it and then I get to shake off the excess water inside it.  I stay in it for awhile before I get a good brushing and blow-dry, sitting on Mummy’s lap.  Quite efficient.

IMG_6658 IMG_6660

May’s comment: After the quick rub down with a towel, the microfibre Doggy Bag (R) absorbs the excess water. Also keeps Darcy warm while she dries up. Bought this on Amazon – comes in different sizes. Darcy stands about 16″ tall and she is in between a large and a medium.  I also bought a microfibre towel.


Two toned dog

Sometimes when we go out to play in the parks after the rain, I become a two-toned dog – apricot on top and muddy grey below.  And then I know what that means when we get home – bath time! Read more…

Flowers for a Lady

We bought some flowers today and went to Baroness Margaret Thatcher’s house in Chester Square.  We wanted to pay our respects.

There were policemen standing guard and they were very kind. They took the flowers and placed them with the others.  There were photographers across the street.

Politics aside, Mummy said she was someone who had convictions and did something instead of just talk. She was a formidable lady and she did what she believed was right for Great Britain.


Agility Class 101

Here I am at Whirlwind Agility – learning to jump, run through tunnels and get lots of treats!

Today is my second class, but before the class began, we tried out some of the equipment. Here Mummy got me to jump before she was taught how to do it.  As usual she was trying to get me ahead of the class. As for me, I would do anything for sausages!


Hey! I’m sitting on the bar!!! Maybe I’m better at gymnastics.

Sue White is our teacher. Today she had us running through tunnels and out the other side – the only reason for doing so is there’s more sausages at the other end.   Read more…

My First Christmas

Our first Christmas was spent in Dusseldorf with the Eggerts.

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Playing with Luna

My friend, Luna the Parson Russell Terrier and I wrestling in the snow.  December 2011 – my first snowfall! What fun!

Luna and Dusseldorf

We spent my first Christmas in Dusseldorf. That was my first trip abroad.

It was a long journey – taxi from home to Liverpool Street station, train to Harwich and then an overnight ferry to Hoek van Holland. Read more…

Snow in Suffolk

In late March when Mummy was sweating it out in almost 40 degree temperatures in Ko Samui, Thailand, I was running wild and free in the snow!  I know where she would rather be!

I was once again at  my holiday retreat – The House of Mutt.  This is my fourth time staying there.



Frequenting Blakes

Had cocktails and dinner at Blakes with friends from New York City – Michel and Delphine.  This is the poshest restaurant I’ve been to yet.

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Kissing Mummy’s Tears

One day we drove to the airport to drop off a friend.  After we came home Mummy was very sad.   Read more…