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Cockapoo Meet in Hyde Park

It was a warm summer’s day and me and my cockapoo (and two cavapoo and a couple of other “poo-type”) friends met in Kensington Gardens. Read more…

Saturday Errands

We did “city” things today. Mummy went to the hairdresser, Read more…


WooHoo! So many presents from Mummy!

Two new collars and leashes from Harry Barker Read more…

Well, hello!!!


Back in London. Peter from House of Mutt dropped me off Read more…

Last Day at House of Mutt

Today is my last day at House of Mutt. It’s been a lot of fun. Read more…

Transatlantic Crossing

The day has finally arrived and we are travelling home to London after almost five weeks in New York City.  No more airplanes for me – we’re going on a big ship. Read more…

Empty Rooms

Over the time we were in New York City, the apartment we were in became more and more empty with the weeks. Then I realised that Mummy was there to close down the apartment that she had lived in for a long time. This was her goodbye. Read more…

Tagged for Rabies

I had to be checked by a vet before I could go back to London. We went to Park East Animal Hospital so they can stamp my passport. Read more…

Missing Blondie

May’s comment: Love those baby soft blonde curls – five more days to go before I see her again.   Read more…

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สุนัข (Su Nak) means “dog” in Thai

Mummy took all these pictures of pooches in Ko Samui from the car as she was driving by.

May’s comment: There are so many “strays” on the island. Read more…

A Thai dog called Soda

The last time Mummy was in Ko Samui, Thailand, she met a little dog on a construction site called Soda.  Read more…

Doggy Sprinkles!

After a long walk in Central Park with the Moores, we headed towards Mummy’s MOST favourite Cupcake – Sprinkles and their infamous Red Velvet.  We weren’t allowed in so we sat outside. Well, it was worth the wait – my very own doggy cupcake!


  • IMG_5003Aunty May-Mei
  • IMG_4774Freya
  • IMG_4783Freya and Claudia
  • IMG_4802Sharon
  • IMG_4824Rebekah and Miles
  • IMG_4958Craig
  • IMG_4997David
  • IMG_5008Barbara
  • IMG_5051Cousin Molly
  • IMG_5057Irina
  • IMG_5060Jessica
  • IMG_5063Robert
  • IMG_5064Adelina
  • IMG_5086Anna
  • IMG_5097Cristina

New York, New Friends

These are some of Mummy’s friends I’ve met whilst there – lots of others not captured on film – Aidan, Leslie, Jaclyn, Amy, etc, etc. Some of them came to visit us in London.


Sick as a Dog!

I didn’t feel well the day we had a playgroup at Biscuits and Bath.  I needed to poo but we were inside with all the other dogs and humans. So I sat by Mummy’s side Read more…

Biscuits and Bath

During the time when we were in New York City, Mummy took me to Biscuits & Bath – a crèche where dogs are left for the day when their owners go to work. Read more…

Tails Are Not for Pulling by Elizabeth Verdick

Finally we have a book for little tyke, Sasha!  Here is photographic evidence of him committing such crimes.

486193_10151490494031668_1218048916_nMister Sasha caught in the act! Read more…

  • 1000886_671439046206688_605789416_nWheeee!
  • 994809_671439246206668_1878701544_nHey! You're taking my picture?
  • 999268_671439106206682_117266707_nOver!
  • 971996_671439382873321_1101460581_nAnd again!
  • 934919_671439069540019_506044062_nCome on! See how I jump?
  • 945422_668281856522407_1675465250_nRunning,
  • 421275_668280486522544_1080851082_nrunning,
  • 972129_671439166206676_1045576881_nHey, where did you come from?
  • 969096_668280573189202_615348375_nPlaying with my friends
  • 972280_665433983473861_1633023865_nSniffing around
  • 943790_668280303189229_1751388954_nGoing through fields
  • 6586_670332172984042_824598414_nPlaying in the water

Wheeeee! – Reporting from the House of Mutt

It’s been fun!  Running, swimming, jumping, chasing – wide open fields, lots of friends.What can be better?  With Mummy, I suppose. But I will see her soon. 🙂

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

This was something Mummy had always wanted to do, so one Sunday, Read more…

Central Park, NYC is Dog City

We went for our walks every day before 9am so I could run off lead.  After which we need to be back on the lead.  Thankfully the park is only two blocks from us so we didn’t have far to go.

IMG_4935Walking along Fifth Avenue to Central Park Read more…

“Darcy, we’re not in Kansas any more”

Off we went, out to the busy streets of New York City.

We trudged through Central Park. It wasn’t so dog friendly – there weren’t any dog run areas Read more…

  • IMG_4849
  • IMG_4850
  • IMG_4851
  • IMG_4852
  • IMG_4988
  • IMG_4989
  • IMG_4990
  • IMG_4991
  • IMG_4992
  • IMG_4993
  • IMG_4994
  • IMG_4987

Please curb your dog

Along the sidewalks of NYC, are variations of small placards attached to the fencing around trees on the pavement that says “Curb Your Dog.”  Sometimes the placard says – “Curb your dog means off the sidewalk!”  OK! I get it!!! – sometimes 🙂 because I am after all a rebel without a cause!


Happy Birthday, Rocko!

Rocko is a ginger coloured cockapoo. He turns one today.  We met during our walks around the neighbourhood Read more…

Top of the World

After an early walk in Central Park, we came home for breakfast – sitting on the terrace, looking down on the world. That was the tallest building I’ve been in. It’s very high up but it has beautiful views.

Read more…

R.I.P. Dante

When I was in New York last year, one of Mummy’s friends had a big Doberman. Well, you know how I feel about big black dogs. This big Doberman Read more…

Cousin Molly

My cousin Molly is a King Charles Cavalier and she’s six years old. She came to meet me at the airport. She was curious about me but because I was so distressed after the long flight, I paid her no attention. Read more…

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Last August I took my first flight – and it was long haul.

On the morning of 30 August, I knew something was not the usual. Mummy was busy and had all these bags at the door. So when she opened the door, I ran out as fast as I could – I didn’t want to be left behind. We got into a car and drive a long way to Heathrow Airport.  We got to the Animal Reception but it was the wrong place and had to go to another terminal where we met Pet Air. Read more…

Getting to the church on time

Today Mummy is in the Hamptons to attend Craig and Angeli’s wedding.  And I am posting this to congratulate Primo Read more…

Ciao Bella!

This is Bella, a chocolate Labradoodle. She lives in Washington D.C. and belongs to the Moores. Read more…

Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz


May’s comment: What an informative book! The premise of it is – what might it be like to be a dog?  Some intriguing topics for dog lovers: Read more…

Dog’s Dinner

When I go to The Peninsula – this will be my choice of  room service. I think I am going to like it there!IMG_0406