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S.N.C.F. (Journey to France Part 2)

S!N!C!F! S!N!C!F! (sung as in Y!M!C!A!)

Oui! Oui! Nous voyageons sur la Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français à Nice. Read more…

Journey to France – Part 1

IMG_1637Early Saturday morning, at St. Pancras International Read more…

Have Ticket Will Travel

My own train ticket to south of France


This morning we leave home at 7am for St. Pancras International.  Take the 07.42 train to Folkestone. Read more…

The Hannibal Lecter Look

We’re leaving early tomorrow for the south of France.  We’re going through our check list Read more…


Zara is teaching me how to say “please” Read more…

Human Lives

Dear United Nations and Politicians,

I am only a dog but I have to put in my two cents – this cannot be right. Read more…

Sitting pretty at Jonathan Adler

This wasn’t another photoshoot. We had been shopping at Jonathan Adler, and as usual I snooped around.  They had treats for doggies behind the counter! Read more…

Two Bears Fountain

Rocko and I had a very long walk in Hyde park today.  And it was hot, hot, hot! Read more…

Be More Dog

Message from O2:

“Maybe we should all be a bit more dog.
To them, life is amazing.
Carpe diem. It means grab the frisbee,
so what are you waiting for?” Read more…

Long time no see!

Hello Rocko!!!!  You’re looking very handsome with your new haircut.

IMG_1488 Read more…

Get off!

IMG_1434Walking back from Hyde Park along Gloucester Road – came across this tea-cup Poodle!

Humphrey and Me

Humphrey and I go on walks together. He’s a Puggle (Pug and Beagle). Read more…

Just A Dog

May’s comment:  Someone shared this on FB – putting into words my thoughts, emotions and new found sense of being ever since Miss Darcy came into my life.  I hear these words “Just a dog” ever so often and in this world full of many types of people, it takes too long to tell these people – no, it isn’t. There’s a reason why they say dogs are man’s best friend. Read more…

The Secret Garden

After our walk in Hyde Park we took the 49 bus to Chelsea Farmer’s Market.  At least I thought we were heading towards Dri Dri Gelateria but alas not!

We went inside The Chelsea Gardener Read more…

A Love Memorial

Yesterday was carnival in Notting Hill.  We didn’t venture anywhere near there though we did go to Hyde Park. Read more…

The Teddy Bear Movie

IMG_0346 Read more…

Unconditional Love

May’s comment: Every adult that has a dog to love learns the meaning of unconditional love.  I did.

At Vet 3 Read more…

Rain, rain go away!

Rain, rain, rain.  I had to put on my raincoat just so I don’t get totally drenched. Read more…

  • IMG_5003May-Mei named me May-Lee
  • IMG_1112Sammy named me Saskia
  • IMG_0481Freya with Bella, named me Lucinda
  • IMG_5935Beate named me Lena
  • IMG_5755Mairi named me Ruby or rubykins
  • IMG_2079Jane calls me Isabella or Fuzzy
  • IMG_0117Sarah named me Asta
  • BemiBemi calls me Juno

My Godparents

My name is Darcy Lucinda Lena Isabella Fuzzy Ruby Asta Juno Saskia May-Lee.

I was christened by my Godparents. Read more…

Walking with Agnes

Today I had a break from going to the office. Agnes is taking me for a walk while Mummy goes to work. Read more…

Working Girls – Part 2

Today was my turn to work. I was modelling for a new line of dog collars and leashes. Read more…

Working Girls

Yesterday I went to work with Mummy. Read more…

Tea at Peggy Porschen

Not really, if truth be told.

Mummy went for tea and her favourite red velvet at the “pink shop” and I sat under the table, waiting for some hand-me-downs.

IMG_1293Anything for me? Read more…

Wake-up Sleepy Head (“Happiest Girl”)

IMG_1163May’s comment: Darcy puts a smile on my face every morning – it’s a joy waking up next to her.

Good Morning!


May’s comment: Great way to start the day!

Meet Nelson

photo 3-18

Hanging out with the big guys … this is Nelson, a flat back retriever.

Read more…

Watching The Cavalry

When we take walks in Hyde Park, sometimes we come across other four-legged animals. Read more…

Go Blues!

Yeah, I’m a Chelsea fan by default – because I live in Chelsea and really because Mummy is a fan. Read more…

  • IMG_1209Where is everybody?
  • IMG_1205Looking Right
  • IMG_1206Looking Left
  • IMG_1215Darcy, Luca, Dash
  • IMG_1232There was some wrestling
  • IMG_1236
  • IMG_1245A lot of white ones
  • IMG_1268
  • IMG_1271
  • IMG_1273
  • IMG_1281
  • IMG_1284

Calling all Londoners!

Today is our 11th meet.  I got there early and wondered where everyone was.  Then suddenly everyone appeared – so exciting! Read more…


Oops! Caught in the act.

May’s comment: Darcy squirrelling in Hyde Park.