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Clip! Clop!

One morning as we were about to cross the street to Hyde Park, Mummy held me back from my enthusiasm Read more…

Our Morning Routine

It takes a lot of effort for Mummy to get up early but since her days are never routine, she decided that we should have one before the day began. Read more…

A Walk in the Park with Little Tyke

Today, we took Little Tyke a.k.a. Sasha with us to the park for our daily walk. Read more…

Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings in particular, Mummy loves to get outside early when it’s still quiet and feels like the world is still asleep.

IMG_3204We set out for my morning walk along Gilston Road – reading my p-mail.


We walk to the end of the road where it’s St. Mary’s Church. There’s a nice park there but no dogs are allowed inside.


Then we go to pick up the Sunday papers at the Fulham Road Newstand.  I have to wait outside as dogs are not allowed in.


Sometimes we meet other pooches who are doing the same rounds.



Then we cross the street to Gail’s – I sit outside while Mummy goes to get herself a cappuccino. On Sundays they open at 8am – so its a little later than the rest of the week.


IMG_2797When the weather is good, we sit outside and she reads the papers and I get bits of her croissant.  There are usually other dogs there.

A few days ago, Mummy was standing next to Hugh Grant who was ordering his coffee at Gail’s. She said he looks older and rather self-conscious – he knew Mummy recognised him.

So these days when Little Tyke is in town, we head over to theirs for brunch – as usual I look on longingly from the side of the table.


Hand me downs, please?

“Don’t even think about it!”

Oops! This time I got caught in the act. Read more…

Cappuccino, anyone?

Pretty amazing that they go through all this trouble to depict us pooches on a cappuccino. Read more…

Pup Corn

Mummy’s off to see “Blue Jasmine” and popcorns are always a must – so she feels it is only right that I have Pup Corn when I am left home! Read more…

Perfect World

Amen! (Even when we steal food) Read more…


Last night, I  gobbled up half a portion of minced meat Read more…

True Love

“The only creature on earth that loves you more than him/herself” Read more…

Walking by myself

I sometimes walk off lead. Read more…

A London Dog ( a special blog for DogVacay)

Someone in America asked me about living in London and what I like most about it. Where do I begin about this very big city? Read more…

National Dog Week

Mummy just learnt that the last week of September is National Dog Week.  At least that is in America. Read more…

Poisonous Foods

Good to know!


May’s comment: Found this on the internet. Have been asking about grapes and at least this gives me some sort of answer.

Poo Bag Station, N.J.

My bio-degradable poo bags come all the way from across the Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey – compliments of my cousin, Molly. Read more…

News: Cockapoo Crazy

I made Fan of the Week again! 🙂 on Facebook Page Cockapoo Crazy!

Me Lady, Who’s Tramp?

Today’s DVD was “Lady and the Tramp.” Sasha and I watched it together. Read more…

Bubbles? What’s that?

Little Tyke was blowing bubbles at me! One caught me in the face. Read more…

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Downton Abbey’s Cast of Dogs (and a Cat)

Read more…

Maggie May

Maggie May is my walking companion – she’s a golden doodle. See how much Read more…

Poor little tyke

Little Tyke went with us to the Hyde Park Meet yesterday morning but he wasn’t his usual self. Read more…

Where’s Isis?

They changed the beginning of Downton Abbey. I was so proud to see the wagging tail as the first screen shot. Read more…

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Meet Nr. 13 for 2013

Today we were around 30 of us

Read more…

My (reupholstered) Victorian Dog Bed

The Before: Read more…

Another kind of hug

I think little Tyke needs to learn how to PROPERLY hug a pooch!


Mummy told me that at Rod Stewart’s concert he shared a funny dog video. We watched it together and it is pretty hilarious!!!!

Moonlit Night

When Mummy came home late last night after the Rod Stewart concert, she collected me from Sasha’s house. Read more…

Shaggy Mutt a.k.a. Rod Stewart

Tonight Mummy left me with Sasha and his family while she went to listen to this guy sing at O2.

Hope he doesn’t sing Read more…

Two more days till HPCC!

Hello Friday! It was only two weekends ago Read more…

Making Up

We didn’t start the day very well. I jumped up at little Tyke this morning because I wanted to tell him I exist. He got scared and cried and Mummy got really cross at me. Read more…