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Getting into the thick of things

Already getting involved with local matters in Suffolk.

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Sometimes We Have To Say Goodbye

This is the book that Giancarlo Livraghi gave to Mummy – the last time she saw him in 2010.  That was before me. Read more…

No trains for dogs in NI

Mummy and I were planning our next beach trip and really liked the look of the beaches in Northern Ireland – besides the fact that we have never been! Read more…

Not a dog person?

Try watching this – maybe you’ll reconsider our role in the human world.

May’s comment: a 30 sec video that tells a take from heartbreaking to heartening. Besides being lovely furry pets, dogs unlike most other pets or animals have become an integral part of our lives in areas most of us don’t realise.


Long, long car ride to Suffolk – heavy traffic! But glad to have arrived at House of Mutt – finally! Time for bed. Good night!IMG_2661

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Packed for the weekend

I’m ready for my holiday in Suffolk while Mummy’s going on a big plane to a faraway place in the desert. Read more…


Aha! It has arrived – in time before I go away for the weekend! Or Mummy would have been in real trouble.  Need a couple of tubes of raw meat to take with me. Read more…

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What fun!

IMG_6934 And there we are!  It was a party with friends – though missing a few. The party hats didn’t stay on and it was an effort to get us all to sit for the camera – but we got a picture!  Read more…

It was a Party!

These are the friends at my birthday party today! Read more…

Run around day

We had a busy day today … up early and we were out the door for our first walkie. Read more…

Birthday Wishes from my BFF

Little Tyke Skyped me today to sing  “Happy Birthday” to me!  Made my day! Read more…

We are now all THREE!

Finally, Little Tyke and I are the same age! And so is my brother, Milo!


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Being Miss Darcy

In my three years in the human world, I have seen many things and been to a lot of places. But it is the everyday routine that is my life and my two most treasured humans in my life are Mummy and Little Tyke.  This is a story about three friends. Read more…

A Missing Brown Cockapoo (2 years)

We learnt about a missing brown cockapoo.  He is believed to have been stolen around 19th April 2013, from the owner’s home in the Farnworth area of Bolton.
He would be around 2 years old now but was only around 14 months when he went missing. Read more…

Something from Rex

Today I received a package from Rex. In it is the most beautiful new collar and leash for my birthday.  Read more…

What do you think, Rocko?

We were walking in Kensington Gardens with little Vodoo, a 4 month old black cockapoo when we ran into Rocko.   Read more…

Looking out for Mummy

This is little Maddy, a King Charles Cavalier. She lives in the mansion block. Read more…

Oh No!!!

Little Tyke has a new friend!   Read more…

My City Look

I am not always fur and pearls. I do the everyday cosmopolitan look as well. Read more…

At Grazing Goat

Yup! It’s dinner this time at Grazing Goat on New Quebec Street, near Oxford Street. Read more…

20 Essentials From Us to You

Here are 20 essential facts that we ask you, as a dog owner, to remember … Read more…

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Elvis, we love you!

Two of the newest members of Hyde Park Cockapoo Meet! Elvis (5 months) …IMG_2127

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Absolutely fabulous, Dahling!

Not just pearls, dahling – fur and pearls! Read more…

Tough Act to Follow

This is Jumpy the Dog – he has an amazing repertoire of tricks.  Makes me feel quite the underachiever. Read more…

May I have pearls for my birthday?

Cookie, a brown Labrador turned three yesterday – and she got a string of pearls! Read more…

Waiting for you by the gates!!!

See you all tomorrow.  Hyde Park Cockapoo Meet – same time, same place! Read more…


Look – a string of sunshine all day!!! And it’s London – yes, that’s right!!! Read more…

Harvey crosses Rainbow Bridge

Run free Harvey! No more leads, no more cars to worry about. Skip through fields of buttercups and chase the butterflies (or squirrels) and bark to your heart’s content!  We will meet you there one day. Till then we are sending love to your family – hoping to patch up the void you have left in their hearts. xox Read more…

Focus on the issue

Sometimes I write about sad things in my blog because they touch my heart. But I have never really written anything out of anger. But sometimes it is good to be angry.  And I am angry that journalism has been giving us such slating of late – for the purpose of sensationalism.

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Please help ban puppy farms!

We would like your help to ban the sale of young puppies & kittens without their mothers being present. Led my Marc the Vet, Read more…