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Mummy’s in a Fish Bowl!

OMG!!! What’s going on? Mummy’s in a bowl of water! Read more…

Pebbles is Missing – PLEASE Help Find Pebbles

Please help us keep a lookout for Pebbles. Read more…

Delicious Brie!

We met Brie today at The Pet Spa.  She’s a little Malti-poo and we’ve invited her to join us at our Hyde Park Meets! Read more…


Check out this App –  Waterlogue App Read more…

To Rescue or Not to Rescue

Mummy’s been thinking about a sister for me.  She gets a bit gaga when she sees little puppies but of late she’s been hearing stories about rescue dogs – which has really made her re-think what to do.  We recently learnt about 18-month old Jesse Read more…

One-Dog Policy

One-Dog Policy is the title of Maija Astikainen’s series of photograph portraits of us doggies as lords and ladies of urban domicile.  Read more…

We Love Training

This is Vanessa, my trainer – otherwise known as the Treats Lady! photo 4-25 Read more…

Our Daily Comb

High maintenance me! Read more…


We love this latest research finding!!!  Our good friends, the Border Collie, known for their intelligence and herding abilities Read more…

Worm Free!

Worm Free! As free as the wind blows! As free as the grass grows! Worm free to follow your heart! 🙂 Oh, no slugs and snails? Read more…

Soirée with Rusty

After my bath, blow dry and supper, Rusty and his Mummy dropped in. Been seeing a lot of Rusty – one of my many BFs! Read more…

Drowned Rat!

Absolutely soaking wet!  So Mummy, that windbreaker – not good for heavy downpours!  OK for our short walks around the block but for serious stuff, I need a sturdier raincoat. Read more…

Getting Dressed

When it rains, I have to put on a rain coat so I am not soaking wet. Read more…

When Loving Means Letting Go

This is the story of a very lucky dog called Belle.   Read more…

A Royal Cross Breed

The Kennel Club confirmed that no time soon will they register the Labradoodle or any crosses as a breed. Read more…

In the works!

At Dog’s Trust Shoreham Open Day, someone spotted Sara Abbott painting my portrait!  Read more…

Bank Holiday Lunch with Rusty and Family

A wash-out Bank Holiday in London – so instead of a run in Regent’s Park, we had lunch at Rusty’s. Read more…

What’s in a name?

There’s a feature article in BBC News Magazine today about a recent “wave of interest” in crossbreeds with strange portmanteau names. Read more…

On this Bank Holiday …

I am not sure if I should be laughing or crying or both.


We were at the Hyde Park meet for two hours today! Bobby and his Mummy came to pick us up Read more…

Hey Sammy!

I need a word with you.  Remember you were barking at Mummy the last time you saw her with crutches?  Not cool! Read more…

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A Playful Cockapoo Meet at Hyde Park!

There were about 20+ of us today – a particularly playful group and lots of lovely children who cuddled and rolled on the group with us.   Read more…

Dog Tricks

How did he get them to do all that?!??! TREATS!!!

Mummy, is he hurting you?

I went with Mummy for her massage. I know I am suppose to stay quiet so I sat under the desk.

Read more…

Rainy Saturday

It’s one of those grey cloudy days – raining on and off. So out comes the raincoat for the city girl! Read more…

Little Crumble

This is 10-week old Crumble.   Isn’t she just adorable?!?!? Read more…

A Bedtime Story

This is my friend Will. He wrote this book called Mountain Garden – the story of a brave young stag called Buckan. Read more…

One Lonely Roll

This morning I looked at the freezer compartment and I saw one very lonely roll of Honey’s Real Dog Food.  That’s a bit concerning, don’t you think, Mummy? Read more…

It’s the HPCC Weekend

It’s Friday and in two days we’ll be having our Hyde Park Cockapoo Meet in Kensington Gardens! Read more…

A Latin Lesson

Aunty Sylvia is here from Dusseldorf for the Chelsea Flower Show. She’s a landscape architect so there’s no way we can walk past any foliage where she doesn’t comment! 🙂 Read more…