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Happiness is total recall

Early this morning on the last day of the year, we went for a run near the Serpentine.  Georgie has not been good with his recall but Mummy was determined to give him another go at it.

Well, silly Georgie! Once off the leash, he ran into the under bushes in the fenced area.
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  • IMG_9863Paddington
  • IMG_0062_2Journey of Marmalade
  • IMG_0346Primrose Bear
  • IMG_0340Sticky Wicket
  • IMG_0334Love, Paddington X
  • IMG_0330Paddingtoscape
  • IMG_0163Mayor of Paddington
  • IMG_0155_2Bearing Up
  • IMG_0168Texting Paddington
  • IMG_0158Brick Bear
  • IMG_9618Golden Paws
  • IMG_9601Good News Bear
  • IMG_9597Paddington Jack
  • IMG_9589Paddington is Great
  • IMG_9480Paddington the Explorer
  • IMG_9477Bearodiversity
  • IMG_9473Bearer of Gifts
  • IMG_9467Parka Paddington
  • IMG_9269Sparkles
  • IMG_8931-2Flutterby
  • IMG_8944Dapper Bear
  • IMG_8952Paws Engage
  • IMG_0748Golden (Selfridges Collection)
  • IMG_0740Toast (Selfridges Collection)
  • IMG_9243Camobear (Selfridges Collection)
  • IMG_8242Special Bear
  • IMG_8184Paws
  • IMG_9516W2 1RH
  • IMG_0150Futuristic Robot Bear
  • IMG_0759Blush
  • IMG_0752Bear Humbug
  • IMG_0493Rainbow
  • IMG_0491Bear Necessities
  • IMG_0541The Spirit of Paddington
  • IMG_0520Thread Bear
  • IMG_0514Little Bear Blue
  • IMG_0510Paddington Lloyd Webbear
  • IMG_0503Bear of London
  • IMG_0498Special Delivery
  • IMG_0837Toggle
  • IMG_1052Taste of Peru
  • IMG_1057Fragile
  • IMG_1061Shakesbear
  • IMG_1042Good Morning, London
  • IMG_1045R;G;B
  • IMG_1049Wonders of the World
  • IMG_1038Bear in the Wood
  • IMG_1232Paddington Who?
  • IMG_1235Gravity Bear
  • IMG_1226Sherlock Bear
  • IMG_1724Wish You Were Here
  • IMG_1721???
  • IMG_1650Chief Bear Scout

The End of the Bear Trail

That’s it! No more bear hunts!  We’re done!

Between George, myself, Impostor and Mummy we have found all 50 bears.  And this is our picture gallery of the 50 + 3 bears!  Read more…

Our Final Bear

We have arrived at Heathrow Terminal 5.

After our recent misfortune at O2 Arena, we were not totally confident about this either.  So it was once again a one dog show and not two. This time it was me. Read more…

Impostor to the rescue!

When all else fails … the Impostor steps in! Read more…

Wish You Were Here – O too!

This bear is called Wish You Were Here designed by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd fame and it’s at the O2!

That’s easy, Mummy thought – she’s been there many a time for concerts.

Again, Mummy did caution on the safe side since she had to go quite far and if it’s just George, it would be easier. Read more…

Sunday Morning Trail

This bear trail is extensive! We’ve been told that there are quite a few of them in the financial area of London. Mummy said there’s no way we’re going there on a regular work day.

So we scheduled a Sunday morning for our hunt where the regular “inhabitants” who are there during the week are not to be found! Read more…

Size Matters

We are still on the Paddington Trail – not much time left as they leave their premises on the 30th January.

However the next three bears were a bit tricky for both George and I to get to, so we needed to be strategic Read more…

At my expense

Praewa aka George’s godmother loves giving me hairdos. And as it’s Christmas she thought a bow on my head would be appropriate. Read more…

A visit with Barney and Nells

We had a lovely visit with Barney and Nells from Windsor.  We met up in Kensington Gardens or a walk – well, more like a run for us. Read more…

Looting our Loot

After our breakfast, we checked out our loot under the tree.

There were toys … Read more…

Our Christmas Pressie

It’s Christmas morning – Santa has come, but first thing first. Need to go and do our business before we open our presents.

We have new toys and treats – lots of them! What more can we ask for? Read more…

Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the town
Most creatures were home, even the mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hope that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads; Read more…

That Christmas Sweater

It’s Christmas Eve and we’re donning our festive sweaters.

Mummy bought me this sweater last year which matched my BFF, Little Tyke’s sweater – Read more…

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas …

Wishing you love, peace and joy on this holy night.

From the threesome – Darcy, dinky George and our Mummy! Read more…

Eight Candle Flames

All eight candles on the menorah are lit tonight. Read more…


Last week when we went to find the Rolls Royce Bear – he was missing because someone had stolen his goggles and he had to be taken away for repair.  And we were told he was not coming back. Read more…

Something for Harper

We were looking for Paddington Bears when we came across Victoria Beckham’s store on Dover Street – so Mummy thought we should go and check it out. Read more…

Carol sing-along

Mummy took us to tea at Ampersand Hotel – we’ve been there for drinks before so we know they are dog-friendly – though only in the drawing-room and reception – not the restaurants. Read more…

Mid-winter’s day

Today is Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year.  Fortunately it’s the Fourth Advent Sunday – and we have four candles to shed more light. Read more…

Selfridges Revisted

We knew there were three Paddington Bears at Selfridges. When George went in search of them, he missed one, so it was up to me to find the third bear.

And as it’s the last shopping weekend before Christmas – Selfridges came in pretty handy. Read more…

I didn’t do it!

Mr. Policeman, I promise it wasn’t me who poo’d on Paddington in Covent Garden. It was George!  Read more…

We’re looking for you!!!

We’re on the hunt – we’re going to find you, Paddingtons out there! We are determined to find as many of you as possible as time is running out and you will soon be gone. Read more…

George goes clubbing

Late last night, as we were taking our walk, we found out something about George – that he had conveniently forgot to tell us. 😉

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Heartfelt howls

This is Stanley the Airedale, who was speaking to his Mummy over the phone.

It made Mummy laugh – yeah, it’s funny but also heartbreaking to hear him howling. Read more…

Three More Paddys

At Regent’s Park, we found Sticky Wicket designed by Sir Ian Botham.

As we were posing for this photo, a labradoodle walked past and stopped to watch us pose. Her mummy told us how good we were.

Well, if you’ve done this 28 times, she too would get the idea. Read more…

Post Office Paddington

This one doesn’t count but we thought he’s fun.  We found him at the Post Office. Read more…

George – in the spotlight

So, George – it’s been three months since you’ve joined our household.  How are we doing? Read more…

That is NOT a bear!

So I sent Georgie off to find some more Paddington bears and this is what he found!  That is NOT a bear, Georgie. Read more…

Wet, wet, wet

Rain or shine, when we have to go, we have to go! Read more…

From Rainbow Bridge to Pearly Gates

Pope Francis told a distraught little boy whose dog had died, that “One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures.Read more…