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Pssst! I forgot to mention …

I was also featured in another magazine.

We were so excited about my photo in Dogs Today magazine that I forgot to make mention of this. Yes, I appeared in another magazine but it was not a doggy publication. Read more…

“Chicken Lady” at our next Cockapoo Meet (8th February)

You know that “Chicken Lady” aka Vanessa who tells us to do strange things – who tells us to go play and then calls us back, and then go play and then shouts our name to come back – always tricking us with yummy pieces of chicken. Read more…

Furry bed head

It doesn’t take much to make Mummy happy. When she’s surrounded by us – even when it means sharing her pillow with us two fur balls – the night is already better. Read more…

A nothing day …

No, we don’t get to go out to restaurants every day.

Some days we don’t even go to the park. We walk around the neighbourhood for our breaks.

On some days, nothing happens … Read more…

Vino anyone?

We’re having a good run with Italians lately!  They seem so much more chilled out about us dogs.  The ones living in London all seem to have left their pooches behind in Italy and therefore missing them.  Maybe that’s why we get the loving instead.  Read more…

In memory of Willow

This is our Willow’s Wishbone – in memory of Willow – the little dog that stole many of our hearts.

She may have left us back in September last year, but her memory lives on.

Read more…

Says it all!

We’ve been having a lot of luck of late finding more dog-friendly places near us.  Our world is expanding!

We always walk past The Chelsea Quarter Cafe on the King’s Road – with all the yummy cakes in the window and Mummy wishes she could go in with us. Well, she finally stopped to ask and even before she opened her mouth, they waved her in along with George! Read more…

Kill joy

Look at all these dogs being banned. Please note:  cockapoos are not banned – as far as I can tell from the visuals. Read more…

The invasion of Winston & Churchill

These two little windup toys are annoyingly bullish. Mummy named one Winston and the other Churchill.
IMG_3511 Read more…

Thou shall not bark!

This is the “chicken lady” aka Vanessa. She has pouches full of chicken meat and we know it! Read more…

The Four Musketeers!

That’s what someone called us four Equafleeces when we were running around in the Polo Fields in Windsor Great Park!

George in blue, Barney in black, me in purple and Nelly in brown. We could be doing an advert for them. Read more…

A trek, a run but no lunch

It was a long tube ride to Heathrow Terminal 5.  We weren’t flying off to anywhere – it was just a good meeting place for Emma to pick us up for a walk/run/play with Barney and Nelly – our Windsor friends. Read more…

George – you will make a good salami!

After our run in the park with Mr. Spencer, Mummy took George with her to a meeting while I continued to walk with Agnes.

As they walked along Gloucester Road, Mummy thought how lovely it would be if they could sit down for a coffee in one of the many cafes. And then she spotted this new-ish Italian cafe.  Read more…

Good morning, Mr. Spencer!

A walk with Spencer in Kensington Gardens is normally a quiet affair.  He minds his business walking close to his mummy (because she has treats) and I go chasing squirrels …IMG_3298 Read more…

A night out in Covent Garden

It’s not every night that we get to go out for dinner with Mummy. But last night Adele was visiting us from Dubai.  Mummy had met her just a few weeks ago when she was there – and they had shared stories about each other’s pooches.  She has three herself – so it was only natural that she was keen to meet us. Read more…

There’s more food than there is George

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard,
To give the poor dog a bone;
When she came there,
The cupboard was bare,
And so the poor dog had none.” Read more…

Tea at Blakes

All dressed up in my Sunday best! Off to tea at Blakes Hotel. Read more…

Shaggy Dog

There once was a shaggy mutt! His name is George! Read more…

Bed Hopping

This is supposed to be Georgie’s bed – it was specially sent to him by PetPlan.  Read more…

Harvey, we will do right by you.

The goal was to reach 100,000 signatures in the Harvey’s Law ePetition before 17th March. Before last weekend was over, we surpassed it!

The objective – to request Parliament to enforce a formulated process ensuring that Highway Agency Departments abide by the following: Read more…

Over concerned? Hypochondriac?

When Mummy decided to take George to the vet last week to check on his being sick now and then as well as his weepy eyes, she also reported to the vet that I seem to have trouble pee-ing. Read more…

Once upon … two years ago

Four cockapoos got together for a walk in Hyde Park.  The above photo was taken that day – the 13th January 2013.

Running in a row from left to right: Charlie (from Richmond but doesn’t come any more), Zavia (who now lives in Stockholm – we were once the “velcro sisters”), Rocko (my first BF and who still comes to our meets) and me. Read more…

Mummy’s in love – again!

Now that Mummy knows she is capable of loving more than one pooch at a time – she’s taken to taking in as many of us as she can! Read more…

Away in the country

George was nowhere to be seen at our Hyde Park Cockapoo meet.  That’s because he was invited to the country by Sarah, our neighbour who is also my godmother, Sarah. Ahem! – albeit being one of eight godparents!

Read more…

  • IMG_3035Confering poos!
  • IMG_2994Run, Charlie run!
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  • IMG_3062
  • IMG_3092Treats?
  • IMG_3097
  • IMG_3098
  • IMG_3099
  • IMG_3104And little Poppy came along!
  • 10917468_10153139356665572_3994175401645813040_n

A New Year! A New Place! Old Friends, New Friends!

We decided to change the venue for our Hyde Park meets and I think we like it!  We met behind the Serpentine Gallery – lots of green for us to run around.
IMG_3077 Read more…

Stanley’s coming to our Hyde Park Meet

We were walking along Kings Road yesterday when we ran into Stanley.  Read more…

Heavenly evening

We were at Rusty’s for supper … Read more…

Say what? Nem értem.

Mummy took a video of George listening to a cockapoo speaking on a video.

He cocks his head side to side when he is listening intently. Read more…

First 2015 Hyde Park meet …

Hooray! We have the date for our first cockapoo (and cavapoo and all sorts of poos) meet in 2015!!!  This Sunday at 11:00am – 12 noon – BUT at a different venue for a change! Read more…

Rusty catching up on Cockapoo news

We are finally home long enough to catch up with our own reading of Dogs Today magazine.  Read more…