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An unexpected date with Mummy

Mummy was going to dinner with her New York friend, Adelina. The plan was to leave us pooches behind when she thought – she’ll just ask.  It was after all a grown-up, white tablecloth type of place. Read more…

Amazing turnout at M

We just saw some of our photos from the Pooch party at M Restaurant this past weekend. Love the pics from their Facebook page – wanted to share them with you! Read more…

George has international appeal

Yesterday was a very different day from most of our days.  No park run, just meeting Mummy’s friends all day in different restaurants.  It was tiring regardless – Mummy calls it mental stimulation. Read more…

Driving George crazy!

George has “resource guarding” issues – we know that.  Otherwise he is full of charm and nothing really bothers him too much. He has seen the world and he has been around the block a few times. Read more…

At Duke of York Square

We did a walkabout along King’s Road last week to identify dog friendly places and restaurants – and wanted to mention of the Duke of York Square – which is just where King’s Road meets Sloane Square. Read more…

And we all came – big and small to Threadneedle Walk

We ventured out today to East London – IMG_0393_2took the tube to Cannon Street. Read more…

Charlie!!! Stop nosing our food

Our monthly supply of Honey’s Real Dog Food arrived yesterday in the familiar brown box!IMG_0248 Read more…

Fifty shades of grey

When Miuccia came to visit, she sat on our faux fur and disappeared!!! Read more…

Happiness, contentment, love and joy

No, they are not our names – just how Mummy feels when she has us all to herself! 🙂

There are more and more of us cockapoos near the street where we live.  And our home has become the cockapoo “sanctuary” – that makes Mummy rather pleased with herself. 🙂 Read more…

One step at a time

Georgie was practising stairs of more “ordinary” make – well, sort of. He can’t read – he just knows they’re not that weird slippery see-through stairs at the Apple Store. Read more…

One Direction Dog

We’ve always thought George is the secret sixth member of the boy band – at least in his running style.

Whenever he gets excited he goes around in circles – but always in one direction.

Read more…

Still handsome, regardless

Well, we thought if a proper groom might help him get on with life, we decided to have one less groom ourselves and put that towards Ernest’s grooming.

We wanted to lend him a helping paw – just to be sure that humans coming to meet him will not judge him by his looks – that they will see that he is the sweetest, most gorgeous and cheeky little boy – Read more…

Two-toned dogs!

This is Charlie and he’s guilty!
Read more…

STEAK!!!! – an early Easter at M Restaurant

It’s steak time – come and get it!!!

This coming Saturday, M Restaurant in the city will be hosting an Easter- themed Pooch lunch.  It’s a steak house – wonder if we’ll get some yum-yums!

Read more…

Out and about on King’s Road

We had a task to do today – we went shopping and dining along King’s Road.

As it was a long road it took us awhile to get through it!

We started off at 11.00 in the morning and did not get home till past 16.00! Read more…

“Leave no dog behind” – says Tatler

That’s me in the photo on the top right hand corner of Tatler’s spread. I’m sitting on the back of the sofa – the photo was taken at the House of Mutt which was listed as one of the places for dog vacation. Read more…

A beautiful Rainbow

Sometimes when it rains and the sun comes out, the combination gives us a beautiful rainbow. Read more…

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Lovely to see you all again!

We haven’t had a cockapoo meet in a while – really lovely to see everyone again, says Luca!!!

We were more than 22 today – a lot of cockapoos, a Yorkiepoo (maybe 2), a Cavapoo and a shah-tzuIMG_8233 Read more…

Let’s go punting – Oops!

Mummy thought the quickest way to show us newcomers to Cambridge was to go punting on the river. Read more…

Wearing the Cambridge colours

We were in Cambridge – surely we had to wear the right colours. 🙂 Read more…

Precious bundle

We are going to meet little Bow today. So excited! We have been watching her grow.
Read more…

Smile George – Meet the 7 K9 artist

We loved the K9 sculptures at Anthropologie that we made sure we went to meet the artist Robert Bradford.  He took some photos of George – maybe one day we will see a Georgie sculpture!!!

Read more…

Abandoned, scruffy, overlooked – meet Ernest

Ernest, a Yorkie Poo is one of the dogs at West Yorkshire Dog Rescue. We’ve taken an interest in him because he reminds us a lot of Georgie. Read more…

Doggy art at Anthropologie

We were walking along Kings Road when we walked past Anthropologie and saw these dog sculptures – Read more…


Let’s start at the very beginning

A very good place to start.

When you read you begin with A-B-C

When you sing you begin with Do-Re-Mi … Read more…

A practice run for Penn – for our next Hyde Park Doodles Meet

We were having a run around Green Park earlier this weekIMG_7650… when we met Penn. Read more…

Spring a bloomin’ at VB

We were walking past Dover Street when we saw the new front window display at Victoria Beckham’s store – so we went in to say hello to the staff we met back in December. Read more…

Liberté and freedom for all!

I’ve been to Liberty’s a few times with Mummy but this is the first time for George. Read more…

Those scary stairs

We were back at the Apple store and wanted to see if George might have overcome his fear of glass stairs.  Apparently not. Read more…

We love to whine and dine

People seem to think we dine out a lot – I wonder why?!?!?! 🙂 Read more…