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One for All! And All for One!

Yesterday was a foodie day!

Our monthly delivery of raw food arrived.  And somehow Charlie always seems to be around when that happens! Read more…

Living on Wisteria Lane

We live on “Wisteria Lane”!

That’s not the actual name of the street but all along the street where we live, every other house seems to have wisteria sprouting from their facade. Read more…

Jab, jab, poof!

I had my annual check up yesterday.  I saw my vet, Mr. Butt for the very first time when I was 16 weeks. Read more…

Yin and Yang

This is the story of when Georgie (Yin) met Marley (Yang) … and it was not just a scene, it was bordering on obscene! Read more…

Ernest goes home

Do you remember us telling you about a Georgie lookalike at the West Yorkshire Dog Rescue? Read more…

  • IMG_3854Bella tailing Pip off!
  • IMG_3859Teddy and Pip
  • IMG_3790Clementine and Miuccia
  • IMG_3773Darcy and
  • IMG_3779And we had visitors
  • IMG_3783
  • IMG_3787
  • IMG_3788
  • IMG_3765Darcy chewing her stick
  • IMG_3767
  • IMG_3768George found someone smaller
  • IMG_3760
  • IMG_3761
  • IMG_3759
  • IMG_3885
  • IMG_3889Toffee
  • IMG_3890
  • IMG_3892Charlie
  • IMG_3900Pretty Poppy
  • IMG_3906
  • IMG_3847Teddy
  • IMG_3849
  • IMG_3856Teddy meets Pip
  • IMG_3875Clementine
  • IMG_3878
  • IMG_3882
  • IMG_3804
  • IMG_3806
  • IMG_3813Charlie and Baxter
  • IMG_3824
  • IMG_3828Bella
  • IMG_3798Reuben!
  • IMG_3802
  • IMG_3865
  • IMG_3794
  • IMG_3801Treats!

It’s always a marathon for us!

No fear of those marathon runners!!! We ran as fast as the fastest of them!

Read more…

So much for a Saturday night date

Mummy told me that Charlie was coming over for a Saturday night date.

Hello Charlie!   Read more…

Godmother Mummy

Mummy is mighty pleased with herself to have been given godmother status for Marley John.

She already has two godsons, one goddaughter and now she has a god dog!!! Read more…

It’s been such a long time!

We haven’t seen Praewa and Arsh for more than a week!!! So getting lots of hugs from her. Read more…

Places to rest after HPCC Meet – south of the park

You know how exhausting it is for us pooches after a run around at the Hyde Park meet – so we found some places just walking distance for us to sit and rest – and for you humans too should you be going home south of the park! Read more…

Once Milano

What a lovely name for a store in SoHo – did you really think we were off travelling again?!?!?! LOL!

Though when Mummy told us where we were going, I did think we were. I went there last year and I had one of the nicest grooms – according to Mummy. Read more…

Perfect in every way

This is Jake and he’s a Californian.

For the last 23 years, Jake’s owners had two Westies – “Thatcher” and “Rocky”.  But they have both passed on and by January of this year they desperately needed another furry friend to fill that gaping hole.   Read more…

Saint George? Naw!!!!!

Today is St. George’s Day!  And Mummy got him his very own St. George flag tag.  Read more…

Au revoir, Tati

Tati joined us in many of our Provence adventures.  Whenever Mummy and Tory were geting ready to leave, we would all get excited, causing great commotion.

Read more…

All in the room – together

Some progress in cat relationship. Read more…

A Week in Provence

We stayed with Tory, Tati and their two pussy cats – Bacchus and Sarko in Serres. Read more…

It is wine country after all

When in Provence, one doesn’t just take walks around the block, you walk through vineyards. Like we did when Tory took us on our morning walks. Read more…

Elevenses at Jouvaud in Carpentras

Tory told us there’s a famous très chic chocolatier/patissier in Carpentras called Jouvaud that she thinks Mummy would love. But not sure if George and I can go in. So we asked.

And voila! We can!!! Read more…

Bonne Anniversaire Maman!

de Mademoiselle Darcy … Read more…

“Un Gorille” in our midst

We have two more days in Provence and one of the most important thing we must do is to have our de-worming taken care of before embarking on our journey home.  So to Tati’s vet (Clinique des Chênes) we go. Read more…

A rainy Sunday in Provence

We woke up in the morning and ran excitedly out the door into the garden for our morning business.

Whoa! Rain?  We all immediately ran back towards the house.

Can we come back in? Read more…

Mac goes home!

After our lovely lunch at Cafe Fleurs, we drove to the Le Petit Pigeolet, a Societe Protectrice des Animaux (S.P.A.) of the Vaucluse Region.  This is one of many S.P.A. s throughout France. Read more…

Where the river runs through

After the Saturday market at Pernes-les-Fontaines, we went to L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue – where a clear river runs through the town.
P1020984 Read more…

Marché du samedi at Pernes les Fontaines

Tati, George and I went to the Saturday market at Pernes les Fontaines, a Gallo-Roman town known for its many fountains.   Read more…

George et moi in Avignon

Yesterday we took a trip to Avignon … Read more…

Sarkozy – the Original Scaredy Cat

Meet Sarkozy, Sarko for short. His namesake is you-know-who! 🙂

His mummy told us he’s really a scaredy cat – the original. Well, that’s what she says, but he looks scary to us – very large – he’s as big as Georgie! Read more…

Enfin! Bonjour Tati the “Perrier”

Tati lives near Carpentras in Provence with Mummy’s friend, Tory.  He’s a “Perrier” not because he’s French but because they think he’s a Poodle crossed with a Terrier or sorts! So he’s a Perrier!!!! 🙂

Read more…

Ticket to Ride

We’re all set for our train ride to Avignon.

IMG_2233 Read more…

Pas de chien! – the story of my (a dog’s) life

We decided to stay the night in Calais to be sure we don’t miss the morning train to Avignon.  We did a  walkabout the town, rather the port. Read more…


Est-ce la bonne direction pour aller en France?

Oui! Oui!
Read more…