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Little Tyke meets little George

There’s something about Little Tyke and getting into our beds. Read more…

I told you there’s a Mini Tyke

This is Mini Tyke. She was afraid of me … Read more…

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Hyde Park Meet in June

It was a warm, muggy day …IMG_8224when over 20 cockapoo and cavapoos met in Hyde Park yesterday.   Read more…

He’s back!

We waited, and we waited all day.  When does Little Tyke arrive? Read more…

Georgie’s sleep away weekend

One of MY godmothers have asked to have George for the weekend.  I thought godmothers are supposed to spend time with their god dogs! Ahem! As in, I am her god dog. Read more…


Everyone’s talking about Buzz and Glen!  They are quite the topic in doggy world news. Read more…


Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you’re only a day away! Read more…

Us doodley-doos are meeting at Hyde Park Meet this Sunday- are you coming?

That’s Me, Fonzie the Cavapoo, George the Yorkie-poo-poo (because we’re not sure if he is a full-fledged Yorkie poo) and Rocko the cockapoo – and one of our original members of the Meet! Read more…

Stopping for lunch at Bibendum

Busy day for Mummy and we tagged along.

We stopped for lunch at Bidendum – Mummy said she has favourite memories of this place. She said she will tell us tonight when we’re snuggling in bed. Can’t wait to hear. Read more…

It’s a colourful world!

We went to The Conran Shop for a browse – it’s psychedelic there at the moment!IMG_7960

Read more…

It’s Wednesday – it must be Pilates

Our Wednesday morning walks is a part of Mummy’s get fit day. We walk to Six Physio on Kings Road. Read more…


We came home to a package on our door step – addressed to me and George! Read more…

New recruit!

This is Bruno – a 11-month old spoodle (Springer Spaniel and Poodle) who lives in our neighbourhood.  We met him for the first time on one of our evening walks!

So of course, Mummy told him and his daddy about out Hyde Park Doodle meets. Read more…

Happiness is …

… (according to Mummy) being surrounded by – Read more…

Tete-a-tete with Sammy

Sammy was curious about Mummy’s phone! LOL! Read more…

Sheepdog no more!

People were asking if I was a miniature sheep dog!

Yeah, trying on the “long-haired lover” look but alas, I have no sheep to round-up and summer’s coming – almost!

So to the The Pet Spa I had to go! Read more…

Peek-a-boo Sun!

We went in search of the sun today. It is after all the Summer Solstice – the day with the most hours of sunshine. But we didn’t see a lot of it. Read more…

Protective George

Mummy woke up with a crick in her neck so we had to hurry off to her osteopath at Chelsea Natural Health.IMG_7727_2 Read more…

My old beau

It’s been awhile, Rocko – so lovely to see you again.

Rocko was my first love. We used to be so crazy about each other – we would each go crazy just hearing the other’s name. But things are not the same as before.   Read more…

Winds of change

We saw some bended trees when we were at Florence House.

Someone said – “Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our true direction.” Read more…

From whence it began…

Mummy took us on a trip today to Seaford.  She’s going there for some meeting but she told us it is also a very special place for her. She said this was almost the beginning of how she came about to getting me. Read more…

Scary Seven Sisters

Mummy took us to Seaford yesterday and we saw some pretty spectacular views!P1030116 Read more…

Stanley’s a tease

Did we tell you how Stanley loves his sticks! And he finds the biggest ones.

He would show it to us … Read more…

Shared territory

The bed is no longer territorial. We have a level playing ground here. Read more…

Where’s Izzy?

Four months ago today, Izzy bolted out of her house – frightened by an alarm that was set off in her home when an unexpected builder opened the door.

When the builder tried to get a hold of her, she ran out of the house and the garden.  And no one has been able to find her since. Read more…

Mr. Selfridges

I was off for my big walk and Charlie was off to Praewa’s … Read more…

Checking out Notting Hill

We were up by Notting Hill and close to Portobello market but it’s too busy for us pooches to walk around. Read more…

Smelling the flowers

Georgie is always curious about things.   Whenever we’re walking along, he would want to know what’s on the other side of the fence. Read more…

In memory of Denali

When someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy.” Read more…

The Trio tackles snoring

Charlie came to stay! Hooray! Last night was the first time he stayed up on the bed with us.  He usually prefers to sleep on the floor right next to the bed.

We think it was because he was frightened by the snoring that was coming from the other room. Read more…