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Does “next-the-sea” mean beach?

As we walked along Staithe Street, we thought we had walked into a dog’s parade! Read more…

At Wells-next-the-Sea

After a two hour plus train journey from London to Kings Lynn and then a 45 minute drive …IMG_2050we arrived at Wells, a port town on the North Norfolk coast.   Read more…

George is “Podded”

George is travelling in his Sleepy Pod.  We’re only taking the train to Kings Lynn but Mummy thought it’s a good practice for his upcoming trip on a plane. Read more…

ALERT! This is not my blog!

So while Mummy was busy packing our bags, getting ready for our trip to Wells-next-the-Sea … Bruno and his mummy intercepted our blogging and wrote this post – not about me, nor George but about Mummy!!!!
Read more…

A very ostentatious dog bowl

We arrived for lunch at Chiltern Firehouse.  They must have been expecting us because as soon as we sat down, they brought us some water in this rather unusually ornate bowl. Read more…

Can’t wait!!!

We’re off tomorrow to Wells-next-the-Sea to see Bow!  We are so, so excited. She’s looking all grown up since we last saw her at Holkham in June. Read more…

So God made a dog

80f004c2b4083826a21dbe6ac41d1899Hooray! Read more…

Lots of GIRLS!

Seems like there are going to be a lot of girls coming in September! 😉 Read more…

So many reasons to celebrate National Dog Day but here’s just one …

Yesterday was National Dog Day.  There are many reasons to celebrate us dogs and here’s one that made us cheer all the way from Crete to London! Read more…

The Art of posing is a learned thing

When Maddie came to visit …IMG_1804And so did Bubbles, Mummy couldn’t resist a photo opportunity! Read more…

It’s National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day!

On this day where humans celebrate us dogs, we only ask that you, humans, our Master, our carer, our provider, our protector, our world – be who we think you are. Read more…

The Repercussions of running in the rain

Woohoo!!!! Nothing stops us from playing even when it wet, wet, wet –  and there’s another hound who wants to play with us. Read more…

And Humphry makes three!

When Matt and Abby brought home Humphry, a Groodle as they are known in Australia but otherwise known as Goldendoodles, they wanted to capture the beautiful moments … Read more…

Seeking Shelter

I have found (a colourful) shelter from the rain whilst in the park. But alas! It was not to be. Read more…

I am helping to find Harlow

Harlow is a long-haired Chihuahua.  She was four months old when she “disappeared” on the 25th May (Bank Holiday weekend) in the Whiterock Close area, of Graigwen, Pontypridd (Wales). Read more…

We love the British summer

Mummy says, the rain keeps the grass green, the air fresh and the flowers and trees in bloom.

Otherwise we English roses could wilt in the heat of the sun.  Read more…

  • IMG_1715Hooray! Post group photo!
  • IMG_1626
  • IMG_1616Coco meets Crumpet
  • IMG_1632Coco, Millie and George
  • IMG_1633Coco checking out an "intruder"
  • IMG_1635Alfie distracted by a stick
  • IMG_1636Equally distracted
  • IMG_1637Barney having a roll
  • IMG_1642Hello Lucca!!!
  • IMG_1653Woody taking on Lucca
  • IMG_1654Human Lucca continues his practice with training us
  • IMG_1658Little Tyke is missing out on training
  • IMG_1661Woody now takes on Dan
  • IMG_1662We're all shades and sizes
  • IMG_1668Lots of us!
  • IMG_1673Crumpet the Labradoodle
  • IMG_1675Johnny
  • IMG_1679Is that Barney, George?
  • IMG_1686
  • IMG_1688
  • IMG_1690A congregation of apricots
  • IMG_1693Are we the greedy ones?
  • IMG_1694
  • IMG_1699
  • IMG_1700Coco is so excited her ears are flying
  • IMG_1639And the black ones gather around another black "intruder"
  • IMG_1648The little ones - Woody, George, Nelly and Barney
  • IMG_1652And the multi-coloureds - Miuccia, Coco and Woody
  • IMG_1728Brother and sister
  • IMG_1731Toby and Coco
  • IMG_1722Enzo and Jensen
  • IMG_1736
  • IMG_1738Bromance between George and Dan
  • IMG_1741
  • IMG_1745Coco's tail with highlights
  • IMG_1672Er, what?
  • unnamed-122
  • unnamed-120
  • unnamed-116
  • unnamed-118
  • unnamed-121
  • FullSizeRender-4As the group gathered ...
  • FullSizeRender-5... for a photo
  • FullSizeRender-6... all 20 of us plus humans!

And the doodles came to play – in London!

Hooray! The August sun peeped through the clouds and the rain held off – we had a lovely meet yesterday in Hyde Park … Read more…

Too hot to chase

Yesterday was the hottest day this summer – reaching 30 degrees Centigrade! Read more…

Morning curl-up

There are mornings when you don’t feel like getting up. And I know how Mummy felt yesterday. Read more…

Georgie almost went bye-bye

Little Tyke asked his Daddy, “Can I take George with us? Can I? Can I, Daddy?”

Read more…

What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?

Please tell us it won’t be raining on our doodle meet – again!!! We haven’t had much luck with weather this whole summer. Read more…

Another summer of memories

Even though we are continents apart, we have seen each other every year he and I existed.  We have a special bond in that we both entered my Mummy’s life the same week – back in May 2011.

Read more…

I need a hug

Well, the truth be told, I have felt a little left out the time Little Tyke has been visiting.

Mummy has been spending a lot of time with him and he seems to get all the good stuff Read more…

George salutes Hungary National Day!

It’s Hungary National Day and Georgie says thank you for being one of their kutyafajták (dog breeds). Read more…

Sometimes when you stare at something long enough

IMG_1437 Read more…

A new recruit for Doodley Sunday (23 August)

We met Missy when we were at Primrose Hill last Sunday when we had an interim meet … and she met quite a few of us! Read more…

A long distance relationship

Some people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Read more…

The Emptiness

We pooches bring much joy and sometimes, we’re an annoyance.  We make you love and we can also cause you much anxiety. Whatever it is, we make you emote.  So with the good comes the bad, it seems. Read more…

A summer without Izzy

This August Izzy would have been having fun with the girls. She loves spending time with them during the days when they are not at school. She did everything with them. Read more…

Capturing moments

Nichole came to take some photos of us last week …  Read more…