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An extra day – for reading

The 29th February doesn’t come around too often – in fact, once in every four years.  So we thought today we will take the time to do something we don’t usually have the time to.  Read more…

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  • IMG_3576
  • IMG_3578Downtime for chewing sticks
  • IMG_3579Chew
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  • IMG_3581Chew
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  • IMG_3583
  • IMG_3585Alfie rather likes Cookie
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  • IMG_3544Cavapoos - Teddy and Matilda
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  • IMG_3551Cookie and Flora
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  • IMG_3501Dillon, cavachon
  • IMG_3503Max and Spook
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  • IMG_3480Rusty has an itch
  • IMG_3462Ted from Battersea
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  • IMG_3437
  • IMG_3429Six-month old Flora
  • IMG_3561Good bye Tiger Rose

February Hyde Park Doodle Meet

It must be because it is a Leap Year that our February Meet yesterday was extra special in many ways. It wasn’t even a particularly nice day, winter is overstaying its welcome but almost 30 doggies came to play. Read more…

Saying goodbye with roses – For Tiger

Today, at our Hyde Park Doodle Meet, we said good-bye to our friend, Tiger-Rose. IMG_6403 Read more…

Special Birthday Wishes

Thank you everyone for my birthday wishes!!! I really had a super day running around the Dales with brother George and our friend, Miuccia. We will tell you all about that when we’ve had some time to write about it.  It was “memorable”!!!!  Read more…

My Roast Lamb Birthday cake

Miuccia and Jacqui bought me the most amazing birthday cake – ROAST LAMB!  Yummy my tummy! Read more…

Kisses for my big sister!

I love you lots!
Read more…

We missed the train

We got up early and made our way to Kings Cross Station. Read more…

Celebrate Life!

Today I am F-I-V-E!!! Read more…

A trip to the Yorkshire Dales for birthday celebrations!

Once upon a time, Mummy used to throw me birthday parties. The last time was two years ago when I turned three  … Read more…

An early birthday present

We’re celebrating because our blog postings have been read over 1,000,000 times!!!!

Thank you everyone for helping us to achieve our self-imposed challenge!  Read more…

A Special Hyde Park Doodle Meet for Tiger

It’s our Hyde Park Doodle meet this coming Sunday – all of us there will run and play and chase each other.

But we also know that one of our friends won’t be back to play with us. Read more…

Mummy was a little relaxed yesterday – and see what happened!

It’s almost Spring, Mummy thought. The sun’s out and it’s not raining. And we went for a walk in Primrose Hill without our Equafleeces. Read more…

Nuestro primer restaurante Espanol – Lurra

We’ve been to MANY, MANY ristorante Italiani in London.  We’ve been to a few restaurant français, just one Pan-Asian, many gastro pubs and a sampling of British restaurants (hmmm, which ones?). But we went to our first restaurante Espanol. Read more…

Never take for granted

When we wake up each morning, we know Mummy will feed us.  And she will take us out for walks, or if we go with the dog walker, she is always there to greet us.  She has always come home when she leaves us to go out.   Read more…

Lantern lights

Today is the last day of Chinese New Year celebrations.  It is also the Lantern Festival aka “little New Year”  which is on the 15th day of the first Lunar month. Read more…

A Day of Rest

And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.  So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation. Read more…

And on the Sabbath Day …

We went to worship at the church across the street from us. Read more…

It goes both ways

Mummy always gives us hugs and cuddles. She does everything for us. But sometimes Mummy hugs me because she needs one. I am not able to physically hug her, but I am there for her to hold, to comfort her. Read more…

Let’s go “choux” shopping!

We have often walked past Maître Choux and it looks so “white and clean” that we didn’t think we would be allowed in. But as we peeped in through the glass door, the girls behind the counter, said “Entrez Je vous en prie.” Read more…

I will find you, I will GPS you!

Mummy has been thinking about using a GPS tracker on George. He’s well known for his escapades.  Read more…

Completely spoiled – and loving it!

Valentina (from Switzerland) and Simren came to see us and suggested we all go out for supper together. Read more…

Which of these is real?

Oops! I moved. IMG_2670 Read more…

Fear is a scary word

Fear is not real. It is the product of thoughts you create. Danger is very real, but fear is a choice.Read more…

Monty’s HOME! And now we can all have a good night sleep.

We got the news yesterday that Monty was lost in Hampstead Heath since Sunday. We wanted to get up there to help find him but realised he had left the park and was on the streets in the NW2 area of north London.  And since we don’t know that area, we didn’t even know where to begin. Read more…

Londoners around Hampstead Heath, look out for Monty

UPDATE (end of day): Monty is HOME!

Monty went missing on Hampstead Heath on Sunday. They were out walking when a jogger knocked into Monty. He was so frightened that he ran off. He has been sighted around The Vale NW2 yesterday.  He was still running very fast so he is still scared.  Read more…

A Whodunnit Murder Mystery by Detective Darcy

This is Detective Darcy reporting that something terrible has happened in our home. Read more…

A Sad Anniversary

A whole year has passed since Izzy ran out of her garden and went missing. She is still missing.

Please, this is way too long. It’s time for Izzy to go home to her family – where she belongs.

Read more…

What’s in a name?

The Chinese calligrapher wrote our names in Chinese.  Although he had to translate our names phonetically but like most Chinese names, they have meanings. Read more…

Leaving our “hopes” on the Wishing Trees

Wishing Trees is an ancient Chinese tradition which is synonymous with luck and good fortune.  Legend has it Read more…

Thank goodness for the strong Pound!

We received “ang pows” from Malaysia and Australia but the foreign exchange rate was not working to our favour. Read more…