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IMPOSTOR goes to Hokkaido

Yes, that is a foam board cut-out of me –

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February Doodle Meet-up

This weekend brings us to the last Sunday of February – the Valentine month (as well as the Chinese Valentine’s).

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Guilty Gifts

Think Mum was feeling a little guilty for not being with us on Valentine’s Day.

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Brits LOVE best!

It’s official! 97% of UK dog owners are head over heels in loving us pooches!

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Different landscapes

Here I am – back to being DAWG! Morning walks with new friends at the House of Mutt.

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Ohayō gozaimasu – indeed!

So Impostor gets to go in Mum’s luggage. And IT had to wear a face mask!!!

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My Turn

There was no George for the last two and a half days. It was just me and Mum.

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Staying out of the storm

So we went to the cinema!

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Travelling light?

The day has arrived – we’re taking George for his stay-cation in Dorset.

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Interviewing a Brexit authority

We happened to be at the Daily Mail building in Kensington, waiting for our turn at a photo-shoot –

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Why a Cockapoo?

This is only Mum’s POV. Funny that nine years ago at around this time, Mum was considering getting a dog.

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We still like Quiche

Day 1 – Nothing has changed in the neighbourhood where we live.

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