Trip Prep

For our next trip, we needed to go to the Vet for deworming.

Sometimes when we are going out of the country and returning within five days, we would go to our Vet only because it’s easier not having to go to a foreign vet.

But this time we have to do it as we’re off to Scandinavia – and Norway has the same regulations as the U.K.

I needed the deworming pill and passport stamped. Because we are away for a week, we will need to visit a vet before we return.

Mum had read that when our friend Piper went to Amsterdam, they had a special tag made for her – in case she got lost when abroad, whoever finds her will know she’s from the UK.

Mum ordered these from Collars & Tags – as it conveniently has a UK flag and that they are also deep engraved so the information can be easily read. And on the other side she had her mobile number with a country code.

So with Passport stamped and new tag on …

Ready to hit the road.

And we’ve packed all the jackets I may need. I needed the waxed cotton coat – it was raining in Brussels so needed that when we went to walk about for toilet session.

It was also raining in Stockholm. The Equafleece will come in very handy for a muddy dog walk! The Mondog down vest is for our next destination where it will be colder

and for a layered look with a jumper and a down coat for our final destination – we’ve packed Overglam.

Thankfully Mum decided it was more hassle to bring my snow boots because they don’t stay on.

May’s comment: Going to colder climes means a lot of thought in packing. We’re off on an adventure – watch this space …


  1. Alison Wood

    Have a great trip. I Love the clothes selection

  2. Julie mcevilly

    Looking forward to seeing what you are both up to. Just wondering how many jackets mummy’s packed ?
    Enjoy your trip and stay safe xx

  3. Kelly Tonkin

    Does Darcy travel in. Carrier on the plane under the seat in front of you? I was just wondering how big she is (weight). My Ginger travels in this way but she is getting big. She is a 1 and a half years old and 25 pounds. I’m hoping she stays at this size because she is hitting the limit fior traveling in this manner.

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Kelly, Darcy weight 10kg but she is my ESA (as I become increasingly asthmatic) – but a lot of airline don’t accept that so we go where we can – but otherwise we take trains all over the continent – it can be done.

  4. Cheryl

    Safe travels! I look forward to reading about your adventures and seeing all the fabulous pictures.

  5. Jill Keiser

    I like Darcy’s tag! Such a handsome British flag!

  6. Maggie Wilson

    Just love Darcy’s wardrobe. Have you looked at Hugo & Hudson – lovely puffa jackets

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