A Cat Story

As today is National Dog Day, we thought we’d share a story about a cat. A cat who helped to change his owner’s life.

The ginger Tomcat appeared one day at the sheltered accommodation of James Bowen. Figuring it belonged to other residents, James did not pay much attention to it. The next day the cat was still there.

After asking if it belonged to anyone, he found no answers. When James further inspected the cat, he discovered a wound on the cat’s leg. He took him to the vet to have it treated. After that the cat started following him around. Since he was on welfare, he didn’t have much to offer to the cat, but James decided to adopt the cat. He named him Bob. And Bob and James have been inseparable.

Diagnosed with ADHD, schizophrenia and manic depression, at age 18 James began a life of either living on the street or in shelters. His life revolved around his heroin addiction & busking with his Koa Guitar on the streets of London.

Now with Bob in his life, the two of them would be seen busking on the street. Bob’s presence attracted a lot more attention and James’ busking began more and more profitable. image001-3

They attracted even tourists who would visit his spot just to see the cat. It started off with someone giving Bob a scarf and then others started giving him clothes which he was too happy to wear and show off. image002Their videos started to appear on You Tube and newspapers got hold of the story. This led to a publishing agreement, so James started writing about his experiences with Bob on the streets of London. The book “A Street Cat Named Bob” was published.image006The books have been translated into many languages and over a million have been sold.

James’s life has improved and together James and Bob have become celebrities. They still live in London and they still love busking! And Bob – still on tune with his publicity!image007May’s comment: James Bowen says – “Dogs have masters but cats have servants!” True! But today James is helping people be made aware the of the evils of drug addiction as well as awareness of animals in human lives and raising money for animal charities. We often hear stories of how animals change people’s lives – most of the time they are subtle changes, but this is one story that is more than obvious!

BBC News – How a Street Cat named Bob saved a Busker

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