Il piacere di stare a tavola con le amiche

One of the best reasons to come to Milano is spending time with Mummy’s friends and enjoying good food together. 

We did check out quite a few restaurants with Mummy’s friends – and no one had refused us. Italy is really quite welcoming.

On the first evening, Susan who used to work with Mummy at Livraghi, Ogilvy & Mather came to visit with us at the hotel.And after a long journey, we didn’t really want to leave the hotel so we went upstairs to roof terrace of the Palazzo Matteoti to take in our first view of Milano’s Duomo.  We saw the Duomo every day after that.The next night, we met Sarah (a former client and now friend) at Paper Moon – a well-established place and seemingly known for its pizzas.
And they did not disappoint.Lunch with Manuela at Prada’s Marchesi in The Galleria. We have seen Manuela in London a few times.Beautiful venue and this was a must – risotto Milanese al salto!And pretty patisserie to tempt!And of course Mummy succumbed.For the evening, Trattoria Milanese is a must. Though it must be said, they were the most fussy about having dogs in the restaurant.
With Stefania (Mummy’s former Italian teacher and her worst student ever!), this is a tradition. It was a venue Mummy went often when she was working not so far away from via Santa Marta. And both times I had visited with Mummy we’ve always come to Trattoria Milanese – and both times it needed to be negotiated. Traditional Milanese dishes, a family run restaurant. They had become a destination since they were featured in The New York Times – quite a few years back. On the last evening, we tried somewhere new. A restaurant right next to the Duomo with George’s BFF, Victoria and her family. Giacomo Arengario is situated high up with terrace looking out at the Duomo. It just seemed appropriate for our last night in Milano – on the first night we were on the terrace looking at the Duomo from the other side and on our last night we were up close.Oh, we also checked out Bar, Bistro and Martini – hidden in one of the many Milano’s courtyard for lunch one day. This is a Dolce & Gabbana restaurant “sponsored” by Martini.

Not to mention having breakfast the Italian way – At Sant Ambroeus – a decaf cappuccino and cornettoAnd at Cova – There were other dogs – they don’t ever seem to bark at us but we definitely bark at them – much to Mummy’s annoyance.

May’s comments:  One of the reasons to always stopover in Milano is to see friends.  We squeezed in as many as we could see and ate as much as I could. LOL!  I like staying with the traditional fare – why else would you come to Italy but to eat good Italian food.


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  1. Margaret Danks

    Such wonderful adventures!

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