Reflections on Motherhood

Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday in the UK – and we’re celebrating our hooman mums.

But we also celebrate our own fur-mums. I think about her but distantly because in our world, we have such a short period with our own mums before we adapt ourselves into the hooman world and become a part of our new family. But I still think about her and to say thank you for giving me life.

But in the world of Mothering pups, there’s a very sad side to this day.

In the last year, we’ve met DeDe – a breeding bitch and a mother in her own right to many, many pups. She had come to join Dante’s family with his dads – James and Frank. She was being sold on the Internet for a sum of money because she was no longer of use to the breeder. The seller wanted the money to buy his son a present. Thanks to DoodleAid, she was saved.

We got to know her too. She was a bit shy at first – and did not respond positively to the hooman touch. We can only imagine what a hooman touch must have done to her in those years when she was forced against her will to do what they wanted her to do.

So tomorrow on Mothering Sunday, we want to give some thought to the “fur mothers” who never had a chance to be the mothers they so longed to be. We asked DeDe’s dad, James to tell her side of the story.

“Mother’s Day is fast approaching and many of us will either be spending time with our Mums or thinking about those mothers who are no longer with us.

As usual I will be posting a message on Facebook to Izzy, our black Cockapoo Dante’s Mum. Alongside his message will be others from his brothers and sisters who regularly update the private Facebook family page. But what about our other Cockapoo DeDe, who came to us from a puppy farm via Doodleaid? She won’t be hearing from her Mum or any of her many puppies.

This morning DeDe and I sat down to contemplate what this means to her and where she imagines her puppies to be. I’ll let her take over now.

I often think of my puppies and wonder where they are. I might be enjoying a walk in the sunshine when suddenly one of their innocent faces springs into my head and I’m jolted back to those days of the puppy farm. My sweet babies born into the filth and stench of that terrible barn. What a helpless way to start a life. I did all I could to give them the best start for their life ahead, but my damp and dingy twilight world was never going to be a healthy way to start their lives.

I remember more often the ones who left me so quickly, hardly ready to go to their new homes robbed of just a little more of a mother’s love. I know if they’d just have had two more precious weeks with me they’d have had a better healthy start. To re-live my babies being lifted away at no more than six weeks still haunts me. As each one was taken out of sight they took a piece of my soul with them.

So where are they now? On bright sunny days I imagine them in happy loving homes, but on duller days I fear some went to unsuitable homes as short term Christmas presents and I weep to think what happened to them. 

There’s nothing I can do, there never was. I won’t get a Mother’s Day greeting like Dan’s Mum, but I will spare a thought of all the litters and all the puppies I had and hope wherever they are, they might be thinking of me.

Please do your bit to support those like me affected by puppy farming. It’s not only cruel but soulless and if there’s one thing none of us deserve is a loveless start to life. Give what you can to DoodleAid and help them help dogs like me find a better life.

May’s comment: Tomorrow’s Hyde Park Doodle Meet on Mothering Sunday will be dedicated to mothers of every kind.

DeDe will be joining us along with her family.

And another DoodleAid rescue, Blaze will also be there. We are grateful to DoodleAid for rescuing and finding forever homes to these dogs through no fault of theirs to be abandoned.

Blaze and Hebe

To celebrate the day – we are having a photography session by Lapdogphotography made available to 20 of our doodles and their hoomans. Waggle Insurance has kindly sponsored the day and will be donating £10 for every photo session to DoodleAid. Sign-up for your photography session and celebrate the day of being a paw-parent.

Sadly, when I got Darcy, I didn’t know much about the dogs world. I never thought then to keep in touch with the rest of the litter and the mum. Eight years on, it’s a little difficult to trace them. So sadly we just have her in our thoughts.


  1. Rita and Gracie

    We hope you have a wonderful Mothering Sunday doodle dash tomorrow and happy thoughts go out to you all.
    Love and licks from Gracie the Springador.???

  2. Ian Harrison

    Dede’s story is so sad like all those poor dogs trapped in puppy farms. So glad that DoodleAid and similar organisations are able to rescue some of them but those who buy puppies from unknown sources rathe4 than reputable breeders must share the blame.

  3. Cheryl

    Happy Mothering Day to all mothers, both human and otherwise.

  4. Graham Bound

    Thanks for sharing your very lovely thoughts, May and James. Booboo and his human mum and dad are looking forward to being with you all tomorrow, and we will indeed be thinking of all those lovely mothers, both four and two legged. Bless ‘em all. Graham and Nadia xxx

  5. Deborah Wexler

    This left me weeping. I haven’t met Shayna’s mom but I know she is in a loving home, I’ve spoken to her Guardian mom. I am in touch with one of her brothers and hope to meet him soon. He looks like Shayna. The breeder did not facilitate any contact with hoomans who bought pups from her litter. We have terrible issues with puppy mills here and some rescues are now buying from them and passing these poor dogs off as ‘rescued.’ Happy Mother’s Day as we say here to all human and fur moms.

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