A Letter from Mummy

Dear Darcy,

Five years ago tonight, I went to bed thinking – my life is going to change tomorrow.

That’s what I had expected but had no idea how much your being in my life would change me.  And you sure did.

Five years ago tomorrow, you arrived a bundle of fur – so curious about the world.

Me? I was stunned into inaction as you scurried past me at the front door. There was no greeting then – you didn’t know who I was. You were more curious about this new place.  You ran around so fast checking every room.  I didn’t even know that you had pee’d on my silk rug, until I was told. I stood looking at the wet spot until Tracey told me to get some kitchen towel. I came back with one piece. Tracey laughed and said, “Bring the whole roll!”  

This is what you looked like when you walked into the flat …10405242_10153941153881668_3650455263128596223_nAnd Sasha was there to greet you too.  He was into chewing things then as he chewed your brand new lead before you did.

Over the coming months, I had to put up a baby’s gate to curb your movement, and my home was starting to be infiltrated with all sorts of things dog-related!DSC02194-580x773You grew very quickly and became rather shaggy!!!IMG_0675-580x386And debated if I liked you long or short.
Well, we know the outcome.

I soon developed separation anxiety. I think you were better at it than I was but then you were always excited to see me no matter what.
IMG_5114 (1)No one has ever made me feel as wanted as you have (maybe Charlie!)

I hated leaving you at home. I decided I was going to take you everywhere I went – as much as I could. And so our adventures began.

First it was to the shops, and then I started to realise there are restaurants that would let us dine together.IMG_7901(At Maze Grill, Chelsea)

And we found many!

Next, the travels began.

There was no way I was leaving you behind for our first Christmas – so we found a way to take our first trip abroad.

To get to Dusseldorf we took a train, a ferry, another train and more trains!!!!  And then all the way back the same way. You were just a puppy then and it was incredibly difficult with you chasing after everything that moved, while I was rolling along bags of Christmas presents and winter wear!IMG_1721-580x433But we made it. And since then we have done more crazy things! LOL!
IMG_4547-580x435Like going on a bus tour in Malta! Even I had to laugh at myself for doing this!

We also celebrated occasions together – travelling to Carpentras for my birthday last year.IMG_2611(At Avignon with Tory and Tati) IMG_3365(At Chateauneuf du Pape with Tory and Tati)

But our travels were not just going to places for holidays.  There were trips that we took so we could write new chapters together.

We started our own traditions – like walking on the beach every first day of the year – new horizons, new beginnings and water for cleansingIMG_1844-580x414-2(At St. Andrews)

I wanted to re-create memories of places where I had lived – with you.  Maybe it was to replace some of them, to show that I have moved on, or simply to add another chapter to those places …IMG_4895-580x435(At The Duomo, Milano)

Milano was indeed an interesting time 🙂  Sometimes we look back at a certain time of our lives in amusement and this is one of those places.IMG_4272-580x386-2(At The Louvre)

The memories of the time I lived in Paris are in abundance. But because we’ve been there together numerous times, you are now part of those many memories.  I’ve taken you to all our favourite hang-outs and you are now a part of the landscape.

The same goes with Dusseldorf. I loved walking with you through those neighbourhoods where I once walked when I was younger and at a different time of my life. (Missing Dusseldorf photos!!!)

And there were other times when I needed you more than you knew.IMG_1240_2-580x870-2(Watching our last sunset from 1150 Park Avenue)

Like the time when I was saying goodbye to New York City.  Leaving behind memories in a beautiful apartment that was my home for ten years was emotional.  I was grateful that I had you to share those last moments with.

And thank you for being with me when I finally set sail to go “home” …12376660_10153941153891668_4082666888287800201_nIf not for you, I might have been dwelling on all the sadness, but because I was looking forward to visiting you at the kennels on the Queen Mary 2 at every visiting hour, I had no time to think about me and my woes. 🙂1934978_10153941153876668_4320416875276331768_nFive years later, I go to bed expecting you to be snuggled up next to me in my pristine white bed linens. My home is now complete with scattered toys especially a lovingly nibbled teddy.

So, Miss D, we shall journey together for as long as we can – making the most of what life may bring our way.IMG_1692I am grateful that tonight five years ago was the last night I went to bed not understanding the joy of having you in my life.IMG_2568Everyday since then I have missed you when I was away and I love you for all your kookiness, your aloofness, your cuteness and your absolute prettiness. I also love being able to tell you all my secrets because I know you wouldn’t tell anyone else – not even George! And I also love that you’ve changed me.

They say people don’t change. Well, maybe not totally, but you helped to bring out the goodness that was within me. I have learnt to love more, to care more and to see the world differently all because a little dog loved me and wanted to be loved back.

Tomorrow will always be the day I am thankful for you coming into my life.


  1. Jocelyn

    Lovely thoughts May X

  2. Monica Gale

    Oh May I have tears in my life. Such love for this little lady <3 Enjoy Darcy's Gotcha Day, big hugs from Olly and me xoxoxo

  3. Jo

    I’m almost in tears! Wonderfully put together. I loved reading your blog May. Thank you for sharing your lovely memories.

  4. Kimber

    Oh May that brought tears to my eyes. Such a wonderful journey you have taken together these last few years. I’m sure there will be many more to come xx

  5. Elizabeth Burman

    Beautifully written May. Sometimes it’s difficult to measure the joy these little bundles of fluff bring into our lives.

  6. Kim

    That was an amazing fun story to read! I’m 47 and contemplating getting a dog for the first time and I just enjoyed reading about your joy which is what I want to experience too!

  7. Alison Mullett

    There’s no doubt about it life’s incomplete without a dog! Such a lovely blog.

  8. Fiona

    Such lovely words- what I would like to say really! Having a dog is a career for sure, but very worthwhile! Happy gotcha day!

  9. Rita Betteridge

    This morning the sun is shining and our beautiful Gracie is four today..like Darcy she has brought both worry and joy into our lives. Your blog today was heart warming and tear jerking too. Love reading all your tales or should that be tails ..lol. happy 5th anniversary. X

  10. Tory Johnston

    Happy 5th Anniversary Mademoiselle Darcy ! Delighted to see your trip to Avignon to visit Monsieur Tati and I on your Mum’s birthday ranked among the top souvenirs of your short life ! We certainly had fun showing you a bit of our part of the world.
    Happiness is a dog to love and to be loved by – no doubt about it ….

  11. Su Lindsey

    Crying tears of joy and sadness for you May ?
    Cherry my fur baby has brought so much happiness the last three years to me and my hubby.
    The joy, a cockerpoo brings is difficult for those who don’t have one to understand.
    But I know exactly what you mean!
    Su & Cherry

  12. A house isn’t a home without a dog , My beautiful Lhasa left for the Rainbow Bridge 10 months ago but I still have a little rescue senior .
    Bless you for taking in your little rescue George and of course for loving and caring for your beautiful Darcy.
    I check on your blog everyday from Australia?

  13. Charles and Joan

    Reading your blog these past few years have brought much joy……in fact , we can always relate it to some part of our lives……memories of people, places, friends, our pet dog . What a perfect way to unwind the day for us……sometimes we even show the pics to some club lounge friends and the staff here ! Thank you , May for sharing a big part of your life. Hope to be able to meet up again this year.????

  14. Emma

    I absolutely love your posts May and have recently become a 1st time owner of a 10 week old toy cockapoo called Doogle. I could relate to your ‘Mummy’s page’ about a new bundle of fur coming into my world and causing havoc – no more lie ins, running out the apartment hoping not to bump into any neighbours whilst in my PJ’s for toilet training and the guilt of ‘am I a good mum’ as I’m finding the puppy stage draining and not fun! However after week 3 I’m starting to get into the swing of my new life and find myself sitting at my desk missing my 13 week old bundle of fur. I know he’ll be having a brill time at doggie day care with all his friends but I am now starting to miss him more and more, day by day. I really appreciate all your tips and if it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t of known how many places I can go with my pooch – cinema, Saturday markets, secret gardens – WOW, I can’t wait to get out there and show him the sights. Thank you again May xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Emma, it is comments like yours that makes writing this a joy. Sometimes I think I ramble on, sometimes I think I share too many irrelevant things that others do not care about. But I know I do touch a nerve for others just like me – and for me to know that I am not the only crazy dog-lover. I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you. x

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