A little confused

Hello George! We’re back.

But Stanley came in too …OK. Stanley’s staying over?

He was a little sad when his parents left. When he started crying, little George was trying to distract him – trying to make him play.

And then the door bell rang and there appeared a familiar face – George’s godfather appeared. It’s been three years!Arsh had just arrived from Dubai and he wanted to see George!

So I think George was a little confused by all that was going on – Stanley in our home, Arsh turning up, what does all this mean?

May’s comment: Think he was a little confused after spending a week with Stanley and having the bromance of his life.

He came into the flat thinking – what’s happening now? He must have thought he had a new home and a brother who loves him unlike Darcy.

And then Stanley also came to stay so his parents could have a date night.

As for me, I had all three dogs on the bed – nothing like being home!

Finally this morning, we can some Mummy and Georgie time. Also had further conversations with the animal psychic – a follow-up because she wasn’t happy with what she had learnt about him. She had consulted another animal psychic and the conclusion is – George’s experiences with cars at the start of his life was confusing and every time it meant he was going somewhere new. That memory is fully ingrained in his head. He can’t be rid of it. Maybe over a long period of time, trying things out might ease his memory. But for now, he just doesn’t like being in cars.  And we will have to live with that. Making amends and sorting out our lives.  Don’t force the issue.

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  1. Daniel Hall

    George and Cars.

    If George grew up as a street dog before you “adopted” him, more than likely he had to avoid getting hit by cars, trucks, etc., Must have been very scary to him. Maybe that is why he doesn’t like cars, etc.

    I got a dog as a Christmas present a long time ago — his name was appropriately Lucky. He started chasing cars when he was very young and only got hit once. Lived a long life despite that habit. Lucky loved riding in cars.

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