A Night at the Palace

We had one more thing to do before leaving Venice. We walked over to Florian at Piazza San Marco for breakfast.

“Un caffè e un cornetto, per favoure.”  That’s an Italian breakfast! And Mummy remembered not to call it a croissant! Well done.

On the way back to the hotel, Mummy was taking in the sights one last time – for it will be awhile before we’ll be back this way. And just then, a dogs gotta do what its gotta do.And Mummy immediately dropped my leash and took that well-timed photo. At which point, other tourists did the same!!!!!  While others laughed. OK, I did my job. This will be one to keep! 🙂

Back at the Gritti Palace, We were already starting to miss Venice. It’s been so lovely celebrating Mummy’s special day here.We definitely felt at home here.But it was time to check-out and get back to Milano – to make sure George’s done with his street walking! LOL!

A spot of lunch at the restaurant on the deck.
We went in quietly and sat at the table – facing the canal and the Basilica of Santa Maria della SaluteBut we didn’t go unnoticed.

Some of the guests actually came around to us to say hello – so happens that two of them had poodles at home and they were both considering getting a cockapoo! We encouraged them! 🙂

One more last look around, at the Explorer’s Library which features a portrait of the formidable Doge Andrea Gritti – who 1525 turned the palace into his home – and now we get to stay in it.It’s 14.30 and the water taxi arrived.
Goodbye, Gritti Palace!And we’re on our way to the train station.Mummy was knackered – must be her age as she fell asleep on the train – almost all the way to Milano. Thus no photos of our train journey. I slept too but that’s what dogs do when we’re bored.

Back at Milano Centrale a little after 18.00 – and there’s Lorenzo, our Concierge from Palazzo Matteoti Hotel – meeting us at the train station.
And he leant a helping hand when we needed to go on the moving walk way.

The last couple of days left on our journey – to enjoy Milano and see old friends before heading home.

May’s comment:  “The Gritti Palace is a treasure chest of art and beauty” –  the building was commissioned by the Pisani family in 1475. For a short visit, this couldn’t have been perfectly located.

The last time I stayed at The Gritti Palace was probably the last time I was in Venice.  That must have been around 2006 – it was that long ago. I remember because we were sitting next to Heath Ledger at the Riva Lounge. He was in town for the Venice Film Festival – promoting the film Brokeback Mountain.  Sad to think that life no longer exists. And we too have moved on in life. Being here brings back memories, always pleasant ones. Venice is always special.

We did have a bit of a struggle when making reservations and the discussion re: size of dogs. They seem a little obsessed with dogs being the size of Chihuahuas – who are most welcome. They allowed us to stay as it is not yet high season. So it seems some high season, only dogs the size of Chihuahuas are allowed. But that is also the season we wouldn’t want to be in Venice. There were enough tourists in April, August is unmanageable. We were also told on the phone that we couldn’t be in any of the public spaces. However, upon arrival, none of the rules applied. We were warmly welcomed and when asked if we can dine at the restaurant, the Concierge immediately made reservations for us. Maybe it was April, maybe the front desk staff is very different to the reservations team. Not sure but we were here and we had a warm welcome. Even the house keeping staff who encountered a protective Darcy were delightful. The restaurant staff provided us with water and the front desk greeted us warmly. We were stopped by guests asking to stroke her and told us how much they missed their dogs. So onward. A fab experience to stay in such a lovely room that welcomes dogs. Wish we could have stayed another night but alas, SNCF train strike ruined our plans.

So everyone, Italy – a good destination with dogs. It does get a bit too hot in the summer. It was in the mid-20’s centigrade when we were there and we sought out shadowed paths when we walked around.


  1. Cheryl

    What a fabulous trip. Thank you for sharing your incredible experience. I’m so enjoying your wonderful photos and descriptions.
    Safe travels!

  2. Dawn Haig

    I thoroughly enjoy reading about your adventures with your two beautiful dogs. You visit so many beautiful places of interest and to be able to share the experiences with your dogs, Is just the icing on the cake. Thank you for sharing.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  3. Margot Lisa Grisrdale

    Your travel experiences and the information you give is wonderful.

    You inspire me to keep alive in my heart and mind my dream of European travel with my girls.

    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday.

    Thank you. ???

  4. Trudi

    Such a wonderful experience- I am
    So glad that you are taking your dog with you on your trips –they are part of the family xx

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