Establishing my look

There are those who favour neckerchiefs or bandanas – but they seem to overwhelm me because they are almost bigger than me.

Darcy wears a scarf sometimes. I have those too . But I was searching for my signature look – not sure what would work best for me.

Then we met Teddy of Teddy Maximus – who made our neckerchiefs for Harry & Meghan’s wedding. Jaffa and I looked so good, we were even featured in a WSJ article! 🙂We met Teddy and his mummy, Holly at Hally’s. Were glad Holly suggested Hally’s as it’s been years since someone told us about it but we never made it down the Kings Road till the other day.This time George and I both had coffee but not Teddy. 🙂

They’re very considerate of us pooches and had treats for us.But alas, Mummy said, no treats!

Instead we went to our table – where they brought us water, as Teddy sat in his own Teddy Maximus carrier bag.Mummy was soon telling Holly about my dilemma – too small, too black to wear anything that does not overwhelm me. And Holly, said, “Well, George would look very smart in a bow tie. His beautiful silver black coat would be well complemented by our blue Liberty print ‘London’ bow tie.

Liberty print? Mummy likes Liberty prints. Magic word. Did the trick and peaked her curiosity!

Holly pulled out of her bag the bow tie and slipped it onto my collar. It has two little elastics to hold it in place and voila! I’ve been transformed. I felt rather proud to have a bow tie on. And Mummy went, “Oh my! That really suits you, George. Let’s see how it fits.”

So I modelled it for her to inspect.“Chin up,” she said.Can you turn your head?“And how would it look at the back of your neck?”Oh, good! You don’t look like a Christmas present.“What do you think, Mums? A keeper?

You’re a keeper, Georgie – and the bow tie too!

I think this is going to be my signature look.

Oh wait a minute! Why does Darcy have a bow tie too?!?!?! She has millions of things to wear!

May’s comment: Thank you, Holly! You were right. It’s not too big for dinky George. It actually made him look very handsome. The blue brightened his silver black hair – and he looked pretty chuffed!George’s Liberty print “London” bow tie and Darcy’s “Rose Pink” bow are both from Teddy Maximus.Hally’s serves Californian-inspired breakfast, brunch and lunch in a trendy whitewashed beach-house-style eatery. Very dog friendly. 60 New King’s Rd, Fulham, London SW6 4LS


  1. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    There you are May…I told you Georgie would find his own style and voila there it is in a gorgeous George bow tie. Very handsome, cutting a dash through the neighbourhood. ?

  2. Margaret Danks

    Handsome Georgie! His little overbite is just he cutest ?❤️

  3. Angie Salmon

    George looks absolutely adorable and very handsome in his beautiful bow tie ?

  4. Sian Widner

    George and his model good looks!! He is adorable!

  5. Alison Mullett

    George you look even MORE handsome in your bow tie! Definitely a look that suits you!!! X

  6. Kathy Shoulders

    That look definitely suits George! He looks adorable in that bow tie

  7. Elizabeth Burman

    Sweet little Georgie, you look very dapper in that bow tie.?

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