A St.Ives Artist

Mummy and I have never heard of Barbara Hepworth but she is the reason why Aunty Meg wanted to come to St. Ives.

Even though Barbara Hepworth grew up in Leeds, she lived thirty six years of her life in St. Ives since the second World War and became very much a part of the community.  In St. Ives she developed sculpture for the national and international stage and is a central figure in British twentieth-century art.

Aunty Meg and Mummy went to The Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden in Terwyn to look at and appreciate the collection of sculptures. I wasn’t allowed in so Melissa sat with me outside.




IMG_2421Two Forms (Divided Circle)


Figure for Landscape


This is the studio where Barbara Hepworth created her amazing sculptures.


IMG_2431Aunty Meg sitting in the Sculpture Garden

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