About Miss Darcy

36033-019My father’s a miniature poodle called Ginger and my mother an English Cocker Spaniel called Beth.  That’s what makes me a cockapoo.

We were in a place in Wales full of other pooches like me – in all different colours.

One day when I was eleven weeks old, I left them and my two brothers, Billy and Milo (formerly called “Socks” because he had four white paws) and went on a very long car ride. I arrived at my current home, full of curiosity and did what instincts told me – mark my territory on a soft spot – the lovely silk rug! From that moment my adventures began.

I started off being tri-coloured apricot – ginger ears and tail, with a white patch on my chest and a white beard that when it grows resembles a Chinese man’s beard.

HW 7As I grew, my ginger slowly disappeared and today I am mostly apricot, with some ginger. I still have a white patch on my chest. I am more curly than most cockapoos – that’s the poodle in me, which also means I hardly shed (a very important criteria for Mummy!).  But my long ears and full-fan tail are of a show-type Cocker Spaniel. IMG_7694 I definitely got the kookiness from the Spaniel side.

My first two years have been full of experiences. I’ve chewed through four leashes but I’ve given up on that so now I have a proper grown-up leather leash.  I have a basket full of toys – half of them I’ve managed to dissect their guts and they are mangled pieces in a pile. But I’m proud to say I have never chewed wires, teddies and very early on I learnt that slippers and shoes were a no-no!

I’ve learnt a few tricks – besides the obvious.  Mummy’s always proud of me when I can do them in front of her friends.

When I turned two in February 2013 I already had lots of life experiences to share.  So I thought to write a blog about my adventures living in London as well as my travels with Mummy. However, as my paws are not very adept on the keyboard, I am dictating my stories to Mummy as she types my posts.

Since September 2014 I have a little brother, George. He’s a rescue from Hungary.

He’s very much a part of our lives. I hope you will enjoy our adventures.Darcy and George 3

I also have a Facebook page (Miss Darcy) and we are on Twitter (@DarcyWong2602) and Instagram (@missdarcysadventures)