All dressed up and somewhere to go

We’re all packed and ready to go. Today we start on our journey to America.

And I’m wearing my new red varsity alphabet jacket. 

That’s what they wear in America, I’ve heard.

Ready to go …
But first check out the beautiful wisteria!

Weather forecast in NY shows rain – so Mum also packed me a raincoat.

May’s comment: Finally we’re on the way after months in the planning – we’re finally off.

It was a somewhat early morning start.

05.55 – open eyes and out of bed. 06.30 – morning walkies.

07.00 – in the taxi to St. Pancras.

Saw this funny signage:


O8.09 – train departs for Folkestone.

09.23. Met by our favourite Folkestine Taxi driver – Abdul.

Crossed the tunnel at 09.50. Arrived in Calais Frethun –

two whole hours before our train because Abdul is very efficient! Train from Calais to Paris at 13.32. Arrived in Paris at 15.14.

Tired? Bored?

Picked up by hotel car and whizzed through Paris –

and saw the towers of Notre Dame.

We’re staying at our newest favourite hotel – Monte Cristo.

The reception.

Loving the decor and getting new ideas about colours.

One night stopver in Paris, meeting an old friend/former colleague from oh so many years ago at Maison Blanche –

for yet another birthday dinner.

Darcy with Christian

Love Darcy’s new Varsity jacket with her initial – from Poldo Dog Couture.

Never mind the jacket. Check out the beautiful wisteria.

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