The Autumnal Sun came out for us

What a glorious day for our September Hyde Park meet!

The doodles have gathered …Crumpet (labradoodle), me (cockapoo) and Teddy (cavapoo)

And then we even have visitors sometimes …Habiti, our ball crazy French bull dog who is a part of our dog walking team!  Welcome Habiti!!!

It was another beautiful day – the hoomans were once again down to our eye level.We prefer it this way – we can all say hello properly.And particularly useful when we need some quiet time.Well, everything changed when Leelo arrived like a bullet!Hello George! Hello Max! Hello Rusty! Sniffing timeAnd hello you – whoever you are. Leelo loved running under the human legsAnd took refuge there sometimes when things got a little rough.And our friend, Stanley was totally enamoured by Leelo!And now that summer’s over, Teddy the cavapoo is back!We haven’t seen him since before the summer. And we have first-timers too. That’s Fletcher – he’s a mini Labradoodle, and quite shy.

And there was also have another labradoodle at the meet: Hello Crumpet!We are so glad you managed to get out of bed this morning to join us!
While all this was happening, I had my eyes on the squirrels. And now and then I ran off to find them – and George would follow suit. Mummy hollered and we turned around and came back …To mingleAnd Habiti really didn’t bother with any of us. He just ran about doing his thing, Little Archie sat and surveyed the ongoings …He really wasn’t sure about all this …
Along came little Teddy He’s smaller than Archie so maybe it would be ok.The park is not ours, so there are “visitors”And we tend to take care of them.

Well, that was a fun day – Till the next time!After all that, we’re pooped!
Thank you for coming – it was great to see you all. May’s comment: A glorious day for a meet!L to R: Fletcher (miniature labradoodle), Leelo (toy cockapoo), Rusty, Habiti (the impostor!), George (the Heinz 57), Crumpet (labradoodle), Archie, Darcy, Teddy (cavapoo), Stanley, Max, Teddy …

And Dash, who was late as she now has a human sister. And she helps to look after baby LillianAnd we made sure Baby Lillian has a “cockapoo friend” Alright, hoomans! The next meet will be our Halloween meet – 29th October.  If your pooch has a costume for Halloween, even more fun!

Time: 11-12 Venue: behind the Serpentine Gallery Group photo: 11:30.


  1. Cheryl

    Wonderful photos! What a great time, some day I’d love to visit, such a friendly welcoming group-both dogs and humans!
    Didn’t you mean Oct. 29 and not November 29?

  2. Lucca

    Lovely pics Lucca missed you Xxx

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