Lunching at the Nurseries

It was Mummy’s birthday yesterday and the girls plus Kai and Marley went to lunch at Petersham Nurseries.It’s a place that sells lots of plants Both indoor and outdoor varieties There were a higgledy-piggledy of tables and chairs in the glass houses where people could pause for some refreshment from the Tea House There were also lots of things to look at in the shopYaena bought Mummy these sweet little glass vases – And Sylvia added flowers to them.

We sat amongst the flowers in the Cafe within a glass house for Mummy’s birthday lunch.
I think the hoomans all liked their food –very much!

Warning: If you are visiting the Petersham Nurseries with pooches – do not wear plain dark clothes. Our paws were very dusty from the unpaved grounds. Whoever we got excited and jumped up to greet hoomans, we left paw marks on their clothes! Oops!

May’s comment: What a magical place to celebrate yet another birthday with friends.Petersham Nurseries Cafe – is not a cafe at all but a Michelin-star restaurant within a plant-filled glasshouse. Not quite sure which category it belongs except that their menu consists of seasonal dishes dotted with edible flowers, it’s been allocated under “British” in our Wine & Dine list. Located at Church Lane, Petersham Road, Richmond TW10 7AB


  1. Laura Cordovano

    Happy Birthday May! Where has George been? Haven’t seen him in the last couple of blogs. ??

    • Miss Darcy

      It’s back to managing time and practicality. Didn’t want to push my luck with two. He is with his girlfriend Jaffa.

  2. Sasha Rene harari

    Dear May
    I wish you have a happy birthday and a good time.did you have a good time with darcy and George?
    Sasha xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Sasha, I had a lovely day with my friends and of course with Darcy and George. I can’t wait for you to spend time with them again. Love, May

  3. John Jefferson

    Happy Birthday May. Petersham Nurseries is one of my favourite places on the planet!!!! Say hi to George for us 🙂

  4. Norma Roberts

    Happy birthday may. We follow your blog quietly. Marley my red cavapoo and myself get great pleasure from your stories especially as I think Marley and Darcy look amazingly alike.We are envious of your exciting life and stomping ground as my childhood years were lived out in the Kensington and Chelsea area. Give little George a big hug. He is sooo cute.

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Norma, thank you for the wishes. And thank you for reading.
      Many of the places we go to in K&C are quite new – it has changed since the time I first moved here about 20 years ago!
      How old is Marley – and do you live far from London?

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