But I do doggy things

While George was off shopping and walking the city streets, I am  walking with Agnes. But these days it requires a little more …

like getting suited in my Equafleece because the weather’s been awfully wet these days.IMG_9090_2Do I really have to wear this?IMG_9063Yeah, well, I guess it’s wearing this or getting washed every day.IMG_9066
But Monday was a beautiful day and I was off doing doggy things – like running in the park – without my Equafleece.
IMG_7009-2With other four legged friends.IMG_7044-2 And just being me! IMG_7049-3But some days just when we think it’s ok – we get caught in the rain.IMG_9310 Do I look like a different dog?IMG_9318 May’s comment: Darcy’s been on her walks with the big boys as I am not supposed to be doing any “excessive” walking for the first week. This way I get to spend one-on-one time with George.  I guess walking along Oxford Street is not as strenuous as walking in the park. All works out well.  🙂

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