A new Italian on the scene

Part of the Christmas festivities is getting together with friends.

And whenever it is down to Mummy to organise the venue, she always made sure they would allow George and I to be there – either back to same old haunts or whenever she hears of a new find – we’re there!

So just recently two different people have told us about Bernardi’s – a new Italian restaurant close to Marylebone. Relatively new, it seems and dog-friendly. Let’s check it out!IMG_8552 The seating is spacious which allows us to lay about comfortably under the table as well as checking out what was going on.IMG_8559 And Georgie of course had to greet the waiters. He greets every person with such joy and makes them feel so loved that he gets all the loving. And when they see me wagging my tail – they would say – oh, and you too!IMG_8557 Soon Mummy’s friends arrived and again Georgie was so excited to see Aunty Sui Phin, he leapt up onto her lap, giving her a bit of a shock.IMG_8566 And there was Aunty Vivienne who has been visiting from Malaysia for the last three weeks but she’s now leaving tomorrow – and we’re sad to see her go. Whenever she and Mummy get together they never seem to stop talking and laughing.  I guess that’s what good friends are about.IMG_8578Georgie chose to sit on the banquette today – which is usually my spot. He was a little upset that our table was not close enough to the next table. Why? So he could get some attention. He is truly such an attention seeker.IMG_8569

May’s comment: Opened in September of this year, this new all-Italian fare and drinks restaurant near Marylebone is super dog-friendly. It’s logo is of a dog!

Located at 62 Seymour St, London W1H 5BN Tel. 020 3826 7940

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