Another victory!

The newly refurbished restaurant at Blakes Hotel is not only dog-friendly but also child-friendly.  God help us!

It was a warm Summer evening and as the days with the Tykes are winding down, we went for dinner together – spending as much time as we possibly can.  Mummy asked if we could all sit in the courtyard because if me and George – and told them, they really should because there will be three very active kids.  And they listened to Mummy’s good advice.I was sitting with them but they were starting to do all sorts of crazy things.I decided it was safer to sit on the floor with George – taking cover!They were then distracted by the parrots. After awhile, the hotel staff told them the parrots needed to go to bed. I wonder if that was the real reason – or were the concerned for the welfare of the birds?

And then Mini Tyke wanted to show her balletic movesThey may be short legs but they can kick! I can tell you that from experience. HELP!

Fortunately for us, Mini Tyke and their friend Lewis decided to try kissing!!!!Darn! They grow up fast. P.S. This is what happens when the kiddies are left with Mummy! LOL!

Finally the parents arrived and food was finally ordered. George and I have been sitting very quietly under the table … Tagliolini with truffles … I recognise that smell. I’ve smelled them before – pure gold! Mummy said I should have been trained to smell them out but have a feeling I might eat them before Mummy could find me.

May’s comment: Before Blakes Hotel was refurbished, dogs were allowed in the restaurant. But after they reopened, dogs were only allowed in the courtyard.

As it was a pleasant summer evening, also because of the kids, I thought it might be nice to enjoy the lovely courtyard. That way I could bring Darcy and George. On several occasions whenever I frequented the place, I would ask the Manager to reconsider their dog policy. I knew they were softening when I stayed at the hotel recently with Darcy. It was winter, so sitting outside was not an option. There was of course room service, but it was a quiet evening, and since I was a hotel guest, I asked for permission to sit in a quiet corner of the bar with Darcy – and they obliged.At yesterday’s dinner when the restaurant manager saw us, including the dogs seated outside, he mentioned that they have started allowing dogs inside. I could have hugged him, and told him so. He said, a lady once asked him why they did not allow dogs, so they had re-grouped to reconsider – and the result – they had reversed their policy! I said proudly, “That was me!

Another victory!!!It does work when you ask and ask again. And again and again. And then sometimes they say -ok, we’ll let that crazy dog lady bring her Darcy and George.

The restaurant at Blakes Hotel us classified under the Italian section in our Wine and Dine page.


  1. Rita and Gracie

    Well done May, another victory….lots of little victories win a battle.

  2. Alison Mullett

    Oh May I need you to come north to Worcestershire – it has to be one of the most dog UNfriendly counties!!! We struggle to find any restaurants, cafes, coffee houses or pubs that allow dogs in. Recently we visited 7 pubs, wine bars, and restaurants all within a 15 minute drive from home and all refused us entry. So frustrating!!! Especially when your dog behaves better than 90% of the children in them.

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