Are you a hamster? Or a dog?

That was the funniest question ever asked of me!!! LOL!

This happened when we were shopping along Sloane Street – and identifying dog-friendly eating places. Mummy had often passed by Joe’s Cafe which is in the basement of Joseph, but never thought to ask. 

IMG_1641The manager looked up at us from the cafe below and asked me if I’m a hamster or a dog! Ha! Ha!  I was not quite the size of a hamster but small enough to be allowed into the cafe!  We were nicely surprised as Mummy was expecting a no dogs allowed policy.

We’ve been in and out a lot of shops by this time – I was knackered from all those sights and ever so many people stroking my head – terribly, terribly friendly all along this street.  It was a beautiful spring day in London (though a little more polluted than usual) but I was still pleased when we got to the basemen -t for a cool lie down on the floor and some peace and quiet.  Shopping can be draining.IMG_1631 Until the food came …IMG_1634I had to check out what Mummy ordered.IMG_1632Not very interesting for me.

Almost directly across the street from Joe’s Cafe is The Gloucester pub …IMG_1709And it’s claim to fame –IMG_1707Like most pubs in London, I was allowed in. But by then Mummy already had lunch so we continued shopping …

And we shopped till we were ready to drop! By then it was tea time and we headed over to The Pantechnicon on Motcomb Street.
IMG_1718 We stopped for some refreshments.  And I need not be a hamster, nor small, nor big to be allowed in!

Mummy had a cup of tea and treacle tart …IMG_1725While I had some nourishing tap water.
IMG_1721The life of a dog!

May’s comment: So when shopping along Sloane Street, here are some dog friendly places.

Joe’s Cafe – 16 Sloane Street. Was surprised that Joe’s Cafe allow dogs, but only medium and small sized ones allowed.

The Pantechnicon – 10 Motcomb Street. It is a part of the Thomas Cubitt group which includes Thomas Cubitt, The Orange, Grazing Goat.  All dog-friendly downstairs but not allowed upstairs. No reservations.

The Gloucester Arms – 187 Sloane Street. It is  known as “the only pub on Sloane Street”.  Like most pubs in London dogs are allowed inside.

There were two others on the way to The Pantechnicon that we could have sat outside.

Zafferano – 15 Lowndes Street had covered outside seating.IMG_1715

The Motcomb – 26 Motcomb Street has outside seating, so feasible only on a good day.IMG_1717

There are various other cafes with outdoor seating along Motcomb.

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  1. Robert

    ” Like most pubs in London dogs are allowed inside.” Are you kidding me? I’d go back in time and fight as Loyalist if I could have the right to take my dog to a bar with me in America. Can you loan me a Tardis? I won’t be gone long I promise.

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